Tips To Get Your Google Adsense Approved in 2023

Google Adsense approval in 2023, Google AdSense trick
Google Adsense
There are quiet a number of advertising agencies out there that enable publishers to minimize their websites or blogs using their ad placements, regardless of your niche, Google Adsense has been adjusted as the beat platform that has fine payment schemes and highest fill rate across all the geolocations across the world.

These and many other factors have contributed to the surge in the number of publishers that are applying to serve Google Adsense on their websites and blogs.

To maintain their integrity and ensure both the publishers and advertisers receive return on their investments, Google Adsense demands all the publishers that will serve their ads to comply with some ethics which are categorized into "Dos" and "Don'ts" in this article.


1. Create a high-quality website with unique and valuable content: Your website must be solving at least a problem that users are looking for its solution. Do not just create a website or blog because you want to earn money from Adsense. Ensure that you have contents that are originally written by you and render values to the users.

Mostly this is determined by two things.One, your content must not fail Plagiarism Test where it would be portrayed as a copy-pasted article. This determines the originality (uniqueness) of your article and website or blog.

Secondly, your website should have a good "Average Session Time" by a User. This is the time length that a user spent on your website since they clicked in a link that navigate them to your website, possibly visit any other pages and close or abandon the browser tab where your website is opened. This is used to determine the value that your content renders to your users.

2. Ensure your website has a clear structure and is easy to navigate:

Clear navigate means that a user should not be held hostage on your website. This implies that when a user navigates to your website through a link, some important pages must be accessible by the users on any page of your website.

The pages considered important for clear navigation include the Home Page, About page, Contact page, Privacy and Policy Page, Terms, and links to other related contents in your website.

If your website has a login page, it must be among the easily accessible from all the other pages, as well the Log Out button must be easily accessible once the user is logged in.

It is quite easier to ensure that links to these pages live in the master or layout page of the website so that it would easily accessible from all the dependent pages.

3. Use a professional website design with an easy-to-read font and appropriate color scheme: Another very important thing that Google do look at and the majority of the publishers do underrate is the readability and stability of your website.

Check your website, if the font size is readable both on the desktop and mobile devices of varying sizes.

Look at the layout of your website and the positioning of the contents. Check if the pictures and the texts are not overlapping, and if the pictures, videos and other contents like the styles, fonts, scripts are not taking ever to load. These are not allowed by the Google Adsense.

Check if your contents are shifting positions as loading continues, this is a bad habit. Also, ensure that there is a clear color scheme for your website and make sure there is no color riot on your website.

These are among the ethics of building a professional website.

4. Comply with AdSense program policies

Read and compare the reality in your website or blog with whatever you find on this Program Policy Page of Google Adsense

Among these policies is that you must ensure that your ad code is placed only in pages with enough texts, at least 250 words. Do not place your ad code on any page with lesser number of words.

Please, more if your homepage does not have enough text apart from links' hypertext, it is good you don't place your ad code on the home page.

5. Generate traffic:

Ensure that you generate traffic to your websites or blogs through organic sources, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media to increase your website's visibility and credibility.

Mostly, ensure that the page where you put your ad code has enough traffic so that google would know it exists.

Direct traffic is as well okay, but Google seems to value traffic from Search Engines (Organic traffic) and other websites with higher domain authority.

6. Optimize your website's load time and mobile responsiveness.

Again, ensure that your website loads faster. As in, make sure that no script block the loading of your website. If there is one replace or remove it.

Also, serve your pictures and videos using the modern content loading methods. Apply asynchronous loading where necessary, preload and pre fetch some contents that are needed across the websites.

Use cache to safe loading time, as well ensure that lazy loading is applied where necessary. Ensure that the loading time of your website is brought down to the nearest minimum.

Check the layout, structure and organization of your website contents on different mobile agents, mobile devices and mobile browsers. Ensure that your website is responsive on these devices.

7. Provide a clear and functional privacy policy and terms of service.

8. Ensure your website is at least 6 months old before applying for AdSense except if you publish enough content regularly on your website. The purpose of this is to ensure that you have enough original contents on your website before you applied for the Google Adsense.


1. Do not use black hat SEO techniques or other tactics to manipulate search engine rankings.

2. Do not host or display any illegal or inappropriate content on your website. This may include p*rn, s*xual related contents, dr*g prescription, alc*holic contents, ethnocentric or contents that are liable to denigrate an Individual or institution, plagiarized contents and other contents that are against the law of your country.

3. Do not use copyrighted content without permission.

This may include your website theme, free scripts that require permission from the owners, and media contents like pictures and videos that are not free.

4. Do not place AdSense ads on a website that is still under construction or incomplete.

The most critical here is that if a single link to a page on your website returns Error 404 Page not found, your website will be considered to be under construction.

5. Do not misrepresent or exaggerate your website's content or traffic.

6. Again, do not attempt to apply for AdSense with a website that does not meet the AdSense program policies.

7. Do not apply for AdSense with a website that has been rejected by AdSense in the past without making significant improvements as stated above.

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