My Fiance is in love with My Sister, Lady Seeks Advice

My Fiance is in love with My Sister, Lady Seeks Advice
Margret [not her real name] has spoken out. She needs your piece of advice as she finds herself struggling with her fiance with her blood sister.

Margret told The Round Table Community that she has been dating her fiance for about three years. They have agreed to get married to each other latest by December 2024.

Margret has been to her fiance's family house and they have accepted her, but suddenly she finds out that her love is being shared with her immediate younger sister.

Margret stated that she had heard the speculation that her sister was dating her fiance but she decided to discard the information as a mere rumor and find it difficult to believe.

Unfortunately, Margret had access to her fiance's mobile phone recently and saw the conversation between him and her sister.

When she approached her fiance, he asked her for forgiveness and promised to never happen again as the information present on her fiance's mobile phone proved her boyfriend had had intimacy not less than six times with her younger sister.

Asking if her sister knew her fiance and their relationship, she felt confused, and depressed and faintly responded that her sister even took pictures with him when he recently visited their home.

Margret is seeking whether to dump her fiance or go to a wedding with him. She is unsure about her fiance's soberness and the motives that drove her sister to have done what she did.

She has not informed their parents as she feels continuously embarrassed when she remembers her fiance has had canal knowledge of her sister.

She needs your pieces of advice and guidance to address her ordeal.

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