Millionaire Husband Asks Wife To Choose Between N10 Million and Monogamy

Millionaire Husband Asks Wife To Choose Between N10 Million and Monogamy ask question online
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R-Community is a section of The Round Table, it helps individuals to share their feelings with every member of this community, listen to reactions from the members, and make effective decisions to minimize depression and its side effects.

To this note, a woman, Mrs. Dolapo [not real name for privacy], had contacted R-Community and she is left with two options given by her husband, Mr. Ade [not real name for privacy].

The issue discussed with R-Community is about her 20-year-old marriage and her husband's recent affection for a second wife.

Mrs. Dolapo revealed to the R-Community that she had lived a happy marital life with her husband, Mr. Ade, since they got married 20 years ago and she married her husband when she literarily had nothing.

Mrs. Dolapo is from an average family, not too rich and not too poor and she could be described as the foundation of her husband's success which she testified that her husband has been respecting.

A few years after their marriage, Mr. Ade had a business opportunity which we are not allowed to disclose because it is more likely to identify him. However, Mr. Ade did not have the capital, and no property to stand as collateral even if he had wanted to take a bank loan.

He discussed the business opportunity with his wife, Mrs Dolapo, which she later discussed with her father.

Mrs. Dolapo's father funded the business and connected Mr. Ade with influential people because he is into politics.

Fortunately, Mr. Ade hit the jackpot and, today, he is a millionaire and actively doing well.

Interestingly, Mrs. Dolapo's father did not collect the money he used to fund the business opportunity before he died.

Mr. Ade and Mrs. Dolapo have children both male and female, and they are doing well but Mr. Ade, in recent times, said he wanted to take a second wife.

He told his wife and he is not doing it in shady form. He wants to get permission from his wife because he respects wife so much, probably because of Mrs. Dolapo's role in his life.

However, Mrs. Dolapo said she has not given her husband any response since he started discussing this issue of second wife but her husband now confronted her to comfort herself.

She said her husband told her if what she fears is the crises that polygamous families face, he is ready to give her N10 million before he takes the second wife.

She said her husband told her that the N10 million would not stop him from performing his responsibilities on her and her children as he will also be doing for the second wife but just to assure her the security of her future and allay the fear of a polygamous house.

Mrs. Dolapo said that during one of their conversation, her husband told her that he wanted to take a second wife to anticipate his old age.

Mrs. Dolapo is now asking whether to accept the money or not.

Besides, she wants to know the reason her husband is monetizing his request.

Mrs. Dolapo also asked if her husband wouldn't use the money against her in the future.

She asked if she rejects the money and chooses monogamy, won't her husband marry a lady outside of their marriage and worsen their 20-year relationship?

She has thought heavily over this, is confused, and needs your advice.

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