APC Northern Chieftain Gives Reasons Tinubu May Not Be Reelected in 2027

Bola Tinubu APC Politics
Bola Tinubu
The former Director General of the Progressives Governors Forum (PGF) and one-time National Vice Chairman (Northwest) of All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr Salihu Lukman, has revealed reasons why President Bola Ahmed Tinubu may not be reelected in 2027.

Dr. Lukman stated that as a core supporter of President Bola Tinubu and a founding member of APC, he can not sit down, watching the party derailing from its founding courses.

He revealed that APC does not currently have enough as a "responsive" political party and the party leaders are so [allegedly] confident that they can do whatever and get away with it.

Dr. Lukman who is about to release a book titled "APC and Transition Politics” on Tuesday next week at the Yar’Adua Center Abuja, claimed that if President Tinubu fails to address the crucial challenges facing APC, as a political party, and Nigeria as a country, his chance of winning the 2027 presidential election may be narrow, "if not impossible" citing the economic hardships that Nigerians presently face.

He said “And I think we must be honest and this is the point I say to our leaders, without any inhibition. At the moment, our democracy is not responsive enough. And as a party of vision to be progressive, it is certainly not yet progressive,” he claimed.

“And I think I’m worried that our leaders have become very comfortable to imagine that they can do anything and get away with it. We must appeal to our leaders that things are almost getting out of hand at the rate at which we are going under a party that is envisioned to be progressive.

“We are likely going to start witnessing rebellion and if care is not taken by 2027 we will be kicked out of office, which means taking Nigeria back to where it was in 2015. I think we owe our leader the responsibility or President Asiwaju the responsibility to tell him the truth.”

“So having produced the book, my first challenge was to say okay, how do I set up a platform using the book to get our leaders to have some deeper reflection and begin to now come up with strategies to engage both President Asiwaju and all elected leaders produced by the party to go back to the drawing board and re-adjust in such a way that they see themselves as truly representatives of Nigerians, not emperors presiding over subjects. Nigerians are not the subjects of elected representatives.

“Now, having said all of these and which is why in the last piece I released out, I tried to show some of my background. My position generally is that we must not be in politics simply because we want to earn a living.

“Life is difficult. People who ordinarily should not be struggling for food are today struggling for food.

“And this should not be happening under the leadership of a party that is envisioned to be progressive. And I keep saying I don’t have any questions, I believe Asiwaju is a committed Democrat and he is a progressive politician. And I believe he will have no difficulty relating to the issues I’m raising.

“And in terms of reforming democracy is not about just serving people who are in office now, is to serve Nigerians. Our democracy must be responsive to the point that Nigerians can make a demand and elected leaders who listen to the demand of Nigerians and translate that into policies of government, or decisions of government in the way that begin to meets the expectations of Nigerians. That is the value of democracy. Once democracy cannot achieve that, then we have a problem.”

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