Who Can I Marry Between These Two Men Chasing Me

young lady is confused and in need of advice from the members of this community. #adAccording to her revelation, she has two very serious fiancees, which means she is currently double-dating.

Unfortunately, the young lady is confused about whom to give her hands in marriage because the two guys exhibit different behaviors towards her.

She claimed that one of the two guys is in love with her, shows her love, and can spend any amount of money because of her but she doesn't have feelings for the guy spending money for her.

The second guy doesn't spend much for her but this young lady loves him because of her dress and physique.

However, the young lady clarified that the guy who doesn't spend much for her is not presently financially okay and his business is not booming like the business of the first guy who can spend any amount for her.

It is important to note that the young lady pointed out the fact that she is not having feelings for the guy who spends money for her but the guy she is having feelings for is not as rich.

Can you assist in advising this lady on how to address this issue?

What are the factors she should take into consideration in choosing one of the two guys?

Have you gone through the same scenario or witnessed someone who has had the experience; can you share your thoughts?

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Published 12/19/2023 6:24:41 AM

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