Three Factors That May Stop AI in Africa and Other Third World Nations

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Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence to the ways we live ought to be a purposeful technological advancements, but the threats it poses seem to have sent a strong signal to the world of Human Beings with an overview of frustration, lamentation and anxieties on how the world of human would look like, if machines should take over the roles of human-labours.

Although in recent submissions, we have talked about How Much the AI May Affect People's Job as Panic Increases. Likewise, we have been able to highlight 17 Job Opportunities That AI May Provide As Technology Advances. In this article, we will look at the tendencies that may distract what many are seeing as "war against humanity by the machines" with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into our ways of living, mostly in Africa and other third world countries.

1) Cost: Think about how much expensive is required to purchase a brand new car in 2023 and now, consider how much it will cost to buy a driverless car in the same year in view. These are two exorbitant costs with the latter being the most expensive.

Put this scenario on the entire populace and fields of doing businesses on the African continent, it would be imaginary to see how many business owners that will have the financial war chest to be beaten, in the course of settling the cost of migrating a business fully from human-labour to AI powered business environment.

According to a report by the Finance Department of the Yahoo Inc., the cheapest of the compilation of the 15 cheapest cars in 2023 is the 2023 Kia Forte with Price tag of $19,690. That is a car that is driven by human driver. However, the cheapest driverless car in 2023, according to a tested driverless car by Tesla cost between $75,000 and $100,000.

Let us not be deceived about the hope of the price falling down, possibly. The fact is that till today, no fully driverless car has been sold out. So, we can only measure the cost with the price Tesla put on its tested driverless car in 2014.

So, the fact that many African and other third world companies are still dwindling, financially, with the mechanized (manual) industrial world is enough to say it may take these continents at least, another half a century for fully powered AI-based firms to take space on their continents.

2) Electricity: If we keenly take a look at the emerging AI powered revolutionary world, it could be discovered that, even in the advance world, they first migrated their technology from manual to semi-autonomous world before the autonomous world that is in view.

Driverless cars were not built in a day, it all started with" manual cars" to "auto cars"; from key to keyless cars; spirit-powered to electric-powered vehicles, and now the driverless cars.

Fully autonomous world being powered by the AI is not coming for a free price. Constant supply of electricity is one of the prices that must be paid for this technological innovation.

No doubt, like in other third world nations, electricity supply is as epileptic as it is in Africa, today. Hence, we can say there is little to no hope for a full-time incorporation of AI powered industry to the economic growth and development of these countries.

Any company that may want to do this will surely have to weigh the cost of settling its human labour and the cost of putting together the AI powered machines and the cost of generating its electricity, independently.

3) Capability of Integrated Environment: In the third world, when we talk about AI powered systems we often forget that an individual machine can never do it all alone. The AI powered machines work in harmony with every other machine on an integrated environment.

How do I mean? I mean a driverless car uses its camera (radar) to foresee a wide range of objects at distance, and uses its maps to pinpoint geolocations. Likewise other AI powered machines, signals may be needed from other existing machines for a particular machine to be able to complete a task, mostly when robots meet in the marketplace. Do we have a reliable and robust integrated environment that would guarantee strong support base for the AI systems when they are deployed to replace human in Africa and other third world nations.

Can any country in Africa boast of having such an integrated environment at length and breadth of its country?

Oh! I mean for instance, what fraction of each country in Africa enjoys 100% mobile network coverage which may be tantamount to sending responses and updating the Inference Engines of most of these autonomous systems for effective decision making?

The simplest of AI powered systems that could be deployed with high expectations of great performance is in the security sector. But today, armed bandit operate at the heartbeat of a city with little to no footage to investigate the case. The environment may either have no CCTV camera installed or the installed camera has no storage facility at the other side. Now, should a robotic system be deployed to handle the security of a country in Africa or any of the third world countries, how will it gather enough data for analysis and reach a logical conclusion in the course of arresting the kingpins?

We can conclude that, even if some conglomerates could beat the highlighted factors, maybe within their company environment, incorporation of AI to the way of living in Africa and other third world nations may be for the purpose of improving the quality of jobs and time to complete each task. This will make its incorporation a semi-autonomous or a partial autonomous environment.

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Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 4/10/2023 8:45:09 AM

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