How Much the AI May Affect People's Job as Panic Increases

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There are increments in the rate at which people panic about the invention of the Artificial Intelligence, aiming at taking charges of the tasks that were being performed by the human-labours. The panics were based on the propensity at which people may lose their jobs and relevance at their various places of work.

The fact is that the new technological age that would be fueled by the engine of Artificial Intelligence will surely beat human relevance in the course of delivering quality jobs at the possible minimum time. This will certainly affect the number of human labours that may be needed at various places of works.

Electrical engineers would be of less use at the factories, Robots would be configured to perform medical surgery in the hospitals more perfectly and quicker than human could have ever done. Likewise, less judicial cases would be handled by human beings as Mobile Courts would become more sophisticated to deliver justice without fear of being biased or influenced by people's intimidation.

In the entertainment industry, a producer will have access to clone almost any form of human actor, and their cloned images would be put on motion with the powerful AI Engines to produce a series of movies without the need of the real human actors that presently make the films we watch at the homes and cinemas.

Not only these, the drivers and bulk of human workers in the transportation sectors may be of less to no use as the World of Artificial Intelligence takes charge of the next world. Driver-less cars would not be in need of human drivers as cars will be able to drive themselves using various maps to navigate through places to determine destination of a journey. You will only need to speak to a car to take you to a particular place, the door will open itself automatically, wait for you to enter and possibly wait for your command to close the door and the journey will commence.

Think about the number of people working in the Airport and Train Stations. With the AI, planes may begin to fly themselves without the need of human Pilot, little to no job may be reserve for human being at the Railway Stations as well.

The security jobs may be taken over by specially trained robots which will have no life to lose, and with higher tendency of entering into fire and come out without getting hurt.

No war zone will be too dreadful for the AI security agents to break through and teachers may not be needed at the schools to train human being as well-built Expert Systems may take charge.

Top of the challenges ahead of the global incorporation of AI into our ways of living is whether there would be necessity to go to school or to learn apprentice jobs. This is because robotic machines will find it more easier to sow your clothes, made your shoes, place it on stores for marketing and complete its transaction. Robots will soon replace house-help who will take care of your cooking, errand jobs, gate-man, washing, pressing your clothes and a bit lot more of the domestic jobs.

Most interesting, the sex-workers may find it difficult to survive as AI may replace their services with the sex-toys, adult toys or marital aides (male and female: including dildo, artificial v*gina or vibrator) having more emotional voices and moves to beat the sexual romances of the real human. The agricultural sector will be more taken care of, by the robots and the construction engineers may need less workers than ever, even in the course of building couples of skyscrapers, robots will take charge of these with efficiency and high degree of job accuracy.

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Many jobs may be lost, less number of human workers may be needed for monitoring of the AIs and possibly training of the Robots or updating of their Inference Engines. However, in some parts of the world including Africa, there are some factors that may stop the full incorporation of the AI into their ways of living, and the traditional human workers may still be of use on the continent. We will look at this in the next epistle. Subscribe to our notification channel to receive updates on our publications.

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Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 4/9/2023 8:41:39 PM

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