Advise Me: Her Dowry or Surgery: What Should I Pay First?

My fiance loves me very much and I do love her but I am faced with two critical options concerning our marriage as we are both ready to tie the knot and live together for life.

My fiance came from a [disjointed] family where her parents have divorced for over 10 years. She has been living with her mum and her mum sponsored her all through as she told me.

However, she still has regard for her dad, the reason she contacted her dad for our marriage even though her mum told her she wouldn't allow her dad to sit as her father on the wedding day.

I don't know if her dad has learned about the development, but he has refused to give us the list of the dowry that he had earlier agreed to give us.

Besides, my fiance has fibroid and none of her parents could afford the cost of the operation. I have agreed to pay for the operation but I have told my wife that if I pay for the operation, I won't pay for her dowry again. My fiance would not agree with my decision not to pay for her dowry, although she said I don't need to pay the dowry now as we can even contribute money to pay it later.

We are both ready for marriage, should I use the money I have to pay for her dowry now and do the operation later or what do you think I can do?

Also, what might have caused my father-in-law's sudden shift in mood, and do you think we can resolve his difference with my mother-in-law?

I will be grateful to receive pieces of advice from you, the great members of R-Community.

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Published 12/19/2023 6:31:47 AM

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