My Dad Fails To Present My Investment After He Collected N10m From Me

I am the 25-year-old third son of my Dad. Last two years I decided to travel abroad after I finished with my ND. My dad carried about 50% of the money I spent to travel out then, and there was no agreement that I was going to pay him back as my mum and I contributed the other half of the money.

When I got to my destination I resumed work instantly and my boss was a caring person. The family was like an away home for me. My boss would assist me in sending my salaries home to my dad's bank account and still show me the proof. I do call my dad every month to confirm the transaction, and he would always testifys he has received the money.

My agreement with my dad was to use part of the money to purchase some plots of land at a specified location after he had told me the cost per plot. I asked him to buy half acre at one location, and one plot each at two other locations.

Besides, I asked my dad to help me buy a commercial vehicle which he showed me its picture when he claimed he had bought it when I was abroad. Despite this, I still have some amount of money with my dad.

Now, I am back in Nigeria, and my dad has refused to show me any of the portions of land. No document or payment history to even hint he bought them. Also, I have never seen my eyes on the commercial vehicle I asked him to buy.

I asked about my balance, but he only gave me part of it, not all, and kept telling me the situation of the country was somehow.

I intended to give my dad and mum one plot of land each at the two locations where I have one-one but now dad has refused to convince me he bought any of this. I was also interested in taking care of them with the income from the commercial vehicles as I already have what to do to take care of myself.

Please, what can I do?

He is my dad, I don't see it making sense to invite the police on this but this is a bulk sum of what I worked for under severe cold. Please, advise me. Everything with my dad now is N10 million. What can I do, please?

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Published 12/19/2023 6:19:35 AM

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