Why You Should Rather Stop Listening to Mohbad's Songs

Mohbad songs music
People protesting Mohbad's death in Lagos
The sudden death of a Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba who is popularly known as Mohbad is painful, unwanted, and sorrowful to everyone, except the deceptive ones but we should be mindful of how we mourn his death so as not to strengthen people with ulterior motives.

This admonition is being suggested following observations from what happened at a protest or rather candle night gathering organized by his real, sudden, and impromptu fans to express their grievances over Mohbad's sudden death.

Studying the progression at the venue of the candle night walk organized by some Nigerians residing in Lagos on Thursday for Mohbad, I forecast the proximity of the gathering to be hijacked by the fifth columnists, people with ulterior motives.

Going by what later transpired at the Lagos State gathering of the event that took place at many places across Nigeria, one may come to terms with me that the gathering was attempted to be hijacked and for the proactive measure put in place by the Nigeria Police Force, they might have been successful with their heinous intention.

There are some occurrences at the venue of the Lagos State gathering of the event that called for attention.

Among many of these is the presence of a DJ at the venue of the gathering. It is worrisome, to see a DJ playing pieces of music at the venue people with living souls gathered to mourn the demise of one of them who died under 30.

Many questions came to my mind; what initially was the reason the DJ was invited when everyone was aware of the purpose of the gathering?

Nobody can convince me of a suggestion that the DJ would be of help to pass a message across to the crowd, considering the population. No, that's not enough because everyone there present must have been mobilized or voluntarily moved himself or herself to the venue on a known objective. And that's to express their grievances on the sudden death of Mohbad which was alleged to have been artificially influenced.

To ascertain this, analysis of an interview granted by one of the participants at the protest was more than enough reason to call for calmness regarding the protest for Mohbad's death.

The interviewer asked the respondent "Why are you here?"

The respondent stated that "because one Calabar boy was killed by his Oga (boss) who he worked for but refused to pay him and rather sent to the Calabar boy who would kill him"

Watching the clip, one may be more disturbed by the sudden relationship between Calabar and Mohbad. In fact, how did Calabar get to the whole scenario?

This is proof that people with ulterior motives have prepared the ground to hijack the event and turn it into violence or a tribal issue.

Think much about this, the majority of those present at the venue of the protest were there based on false stories sold to them by their mobilizers because it remains shady to establish a relationship between Mohbad and Calabar. This implies some people have mobilized participants on tribal grounds, trying to create an unpalatable mindset most probably between Igbos and Yorubas.

To establish the suspension above, one would be worried about why some of the participants who gathered at the original venue of the protest desisted from going home when the protest was called off by the organizers. They regrouped and advanced to Lekki Toll Gate to cause obstruction, distort traffic, and harass road users, all in the name of protesting Mohbad's death.

Above all, while it will be unlawful for anyone to claim a particular person is responsible for the demise of Mohbad, it is great to allow the Nigeria Police Force to conclude their investigation and clear the air concerning this.

However, it could be ignorance or someone should rather educate us on the priority many people are giving to Mohbad's kinds of music on the various music streaming platforms.

Today, Mohbad's Songs are found fine, leading on the majority of the music streaming platforms in Nigeria. This was an outcome of unguided sympathy many people are showing to Mohbad, probably to shame his erstwhile record label with which he has an issue.

Unfortunately, the income that may be accrued from the increased streaming of Mohbad's Songs will be paid to his Record Label, the same organization that Mohbad's fans are currently dragging.

Listening to Mohbad's Songs at this crucial time could be described as an indirect promotion of the record label that is being dragged for causing the late, depression.

Category: World-News
Tag: Mohbad songs music
Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 9/23/2023 6:08:04 PM

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