Review: Three Reasons People Reject Hilda Baci's Virginity Claim

Hilda Baci Virgin Guinness World Records
Hilda Baci
Virginity is a modest attribute that is rarely found in adult girls and guys, nowadays. Studies have reliably linked the loss of virginity at a tender age to various technological advancements which made them avail to the growing up ladies and guys, what their parents might be hiding from them to preserve their modesty.

The belief that the combination of loss of modesty and virginity is as odd as claiming that a mixture of colors “black” and “white” will still not affect the “white” might have triggered people’s beliefs and antagonism to a claim of being a “virgin” by Hilda Baci, a Lagos-based chef who recently set a Guinness World Records of cook-a-thon marathon over 100 hours.

Hilda Baci has not been reluctant to repeat a claim that despite her affinity for socialization, she is still a virgin at 27. This has met serious opposition from Nigerians with many people not clearly stating the reason they oppose her claim. However, you hear many Nigerians telling Hilda of “joking” with herself.

Hilda Baci broke the table on World Virgin’s Day, 2023 when she took to her social media space to write:
“When people look at me, they say I can’t be single. I might not be single but I’ve been dating someone and we agreed on No sex before marriage. I’m encouraging all young people out there to practice abstinence. Outside is not safe, make sure you give yourself to any man only when you are married. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now but no sex. I’m still a virgin.”

After a thorough study was conducted on the antagonisms toward Hilda’s virginity claim, some factors were deducted to have influenced people’s disbelief toward her claim.

What triggered this composition is a recent statement from Hilda Baci stating she is being mocked for claiming to be a “virgin” at 27. In this article, we will review the factors and the proximity of being considerate in deciding on Hilda Baci’s claim of virginity.

Indecency and Virginity

Decency has more to do with morality, and a decent person is not only modest and polite; he is respectable and does everything to respect the attributes that make him respectable.

When growing up, self-esteem is more a measurement of one’s ability to keep his virginity, and the moment one loses his virginity; personally, he relieves himself of many other attributes that his virginity has been keeping with him. Simply, it is widely believed that at the early stage of adulthood, virginity is the main attribute that polices the body from indecency.

Now, in the case of Hilda Baci, although some of her critics are not close enough to her to know how lousy she might be when it comes to sexuality, the way she mingles and socializes is considered enough to take a position that an indecent lady of her age would still be respectively shameful to run the street in her way. How does she run the street and what was the way? This led us to the second factor that people consider to take Hilda Baci’s virginity claim unserious.

Social Organism

Virginity is often psychologically linked to the size of the human parts of the body and the extent of one’s social lifestyle.

In the course of compiling this article, it was discovered that many critics stood against Hilda Baci’s virginity claim because of her social lifestyle which some alleged could not be exhibited by a virgin who would always have the fear of “uncertainty” under social influences.

Additionally, even though the size of a lady’s chest bump and butt might not be enough to identify a virgin as there is always variation in an individual’s hereditary trait, there is concern among the people that Hilda Baci’s have been artificially enhanced, a habit many people believed could not be exhibited by a virgin.

Societal Norm

Although variation exists in every individual, some exceptional people will always distinguish themselves from what is common in a society but this was never put into consideration by Hilda Baci’s critics.

Noticeably, some people who are standing against Hilda Baci’s claim of being a virgin stated “She was given a gift of two cars by men, recently. How possible could that have happened in a society where men even demand sex from a lady who is rendering them help?”

This is a societal issue, and while the critics might not be wrong, the case of Hilda Baci might be one of the very few exceptions.

Category: World-News
Tag: Hilda Baci Virgin Guinness World Records
Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 11/30/2023 5:11:33 PM

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