Nigerians Furious as Soldiers Allegedly Killed Elephant with No Cause

Nigerians Furious as Soldiers Allegedly Killed Elephant with No Cause
Nigerian Army killing Elephant
Nigerians online have expressed their grievances over a trending video that showed the Nigerian Army killing a defenseless elephant at an operation.

In a video trending on X, a team of the Nigerian army was seen acting on an order from a military general to shoot the innocent elephant.

Acting on the order from above, the troop ceaselessly shot at the elephant until it fell.

People became furious when another order was given to the troop to dismember the fallen rare animal, which led to the cutting of the elephant's head.

Reacting to the trending video, some. Nigerians online expressed dissatisfaction in their remarks with calls for an investigation into the operation. Extracts from the comments are:

Celebrity Lifestyle: “This is deeply distressing and concerning. The loss of a majestic elephant in such a tragic manner raises questions about the need for more compassionate and responsible actions toward our wildlife. It’s crucial for authorities to investigate and address this incident, emphasizing the importance of conservation and coexistence. Our wildlife deserves protection, and we must strive for better ways to manage human-wildlife interactions.”

Call Ma Name: “This country no pass the zoo wey dem call am. Tell me, shooting harmless animals in a very cruel manner. This is evil.”

John Iyanu: “This is actually cruel and irresponsible of these people… Whatever happened to wildlife protection.”

Watch the trending video here; Watch the video on X

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Tag: Nigerians Furious as Soldiers Allegedly Killed Elephant with No Cause
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Published 12/19/2023 6:36:03 PM

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