I have a lot of money but I have to sacrifice a family member every year

South Africa news
Ritualist confession
A South African nightclubs owner has taken his ordeal to socio media platform where he make frightening revelation about his source of wealth,and what he does to sustain the wealth.

He revealed how he make human sacrifice every year just to appease the spirit that give him money. He confessed that he has used nine people and nine cows.

He said:

"The nightclubs, shisanyama, and tavern that I own and operate. I'm immensely wealthy, but I have to kill off a member of my family every year to keep up appearances. I realise now that there is no such thing as bad luck in our industry as long as the beer is ice cold, the space is sufficiently open, and the service is adequate, but I still wish I hadn't gone about things the wrong way.

"I can only be saved from this dire situation with the combined blood of nine members of my family and nine cows. Cattle, sure; family, not so much. My wife and I have raised four children together, and I have three more from past marriages and partnerships.

"One of my baby moms does not want me to meet my child, thus this is the first kid I can give up. The remaining kids mean too much to me to abandon them now. I'm thinking about impregnating a stranger so that I can kill my baby soon after he's born, before I develop any feelings for him. Then I could finally end my life of misery, and maybe my business would grow. I feel a lot of embarrassment about who I am. To quote him.

Category: World-News
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Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 5/7/2023 7:11:31 AM

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