How to Best Prepare Your Website for Google AdSense Approval in 2024

Google AdSense
Google AdSense is not the only third-party ad-selling platform in the work but it is one of the best, if not incomparably the best, because of its ability to accommodate and serve ads for publishers covering all categories of online presence.

Year in and year out, Google AdSense modifies its policies to strengthen the ad-serving platform and ensures that advertisers do not waste their money on heinous publishers as it prioritizes an assurance for the publishers to always have their spaces filled once their content meets the standard.

Unfortunately, as great and incomparable as Google AdSense is to the majority of other ad providers for publishers, the majority of online content creators find it difficult to get their platforms approved for serving Google AdSense ads. It is important to note that Google AdSense has never revealed or shared an idea of the factors it considered for the approval of applications of Google AdSense but from experience, in this article, we will look at some factors that must be put into consideration for your application for Google AdSense to get approved in 2024.

Website Traffic

Although website traffic is not the basic of the requirements for Google AdSense approval courtesy demands that your website should be receiving traffic from at least 50 Unique Visitors in at most 72 hours.

Having unique users visiting your website means that your content has value and it will be worth selling Google AdSense partners’ ads. However, it is relevant to note that regardless of whether the number of traffic your website receives matters or not during the approval of your application for Google AdSense, recall that you will need a bulk number of website traffic to your content to make a reasonable amount of money from serving any online ad, and Google AdSense is not an exception.

So, kindly ensure that you receive quality traffic from real human beings and not bot traffic to your websites during the time you apply for Google AdSense approval.

Users Friendly Website

Take a look at your website by yourself, analyze it, and tell yourself the truth about whether the user interface of the website is friendly to the visitors. Unfortunately, I would prefer it interests you to know that what is called a user-friendly Website is not to be adjudged by you but by constant factors that could be used to adjudge any website whether yours or others.

Let me quickly run through some factors that are considered to adjudge whether a website is user-friendly or not. Please, note that I chose to write deeply about this factor because of my expertise in Software Engineering and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which requires a deep understanding of what is called User Friendly in Website Design.

Load Time

Load time has to do with how long it takes your website to fetch and correctly display the content for which the users visit your web page. It is a factor of many things which include code behind, database, scripts, HTML, and the CSS used to style your website’s physical appearance.

The most delicate of the factors that determine the Load Time of your website is the network strength at the location of your website visitors and the capability of their devices (Mobile phones, Desktops, Tablets, Wearables, and their Browsers) to handle some tasks that your website wants to render.

You must ensure that your website can load fast, and at worst when it loads slowly based on factors that may be beyond your capability the main content for which the visitors visit your website MUST be loaded first while others battle with the factors.

Don’t let your website be deceptive for instance, you visit this particular webpage to read this article; at worst, these words must be loaded and displayed by your browser while it could be optional if any image, video, or additional objects load and get displayed by your browser.

There are many criteria to achieve fast Load Time for your website, among which are:

Do not run javascripts that block loading at the head section of your web page.

Serve your images, videos, and other objects in a way to always load later.

Remove redundant codes both from the backend and frontend codes.

Always do everything to optimize your webpage for fast load time.

Color Mixture

Do not design a website where you want to host Google AdSense ad codes to your taste when it comes to coloration. Ensure that the color mixture is not heavy and take into consideration the variation that exists in every individual.

Color blindness is real and too much coloration destroys the good content you have on your website. Besides, the majority of people dislike any website with a heavy coloration just as they dislike it on the walls of their houses. Make your website theme simple and transparent. The coloration of your website must not obstruct the readability of your website content, and the users need not stretch their eyes or move forth and back their heads before they will be able to read the content you are hosting your website.


This affects every publisher whether you are serving your content in audio, video, or text format; Google AdSense demands that your content must be easily readable. To ensure this, you must serve your texts in readable formats combining the forecolor, background color, and the color of your font. Not only this, but your font size, font style, and other font decorations must be keenly paid attention to.

Don’t forget I said it affects all the content creators. This is because Google AdSense and SEO best practices demand that whether you are serving images, videos, or any file online, it must have “alt” and “description” texts which would be used to inform your users of the content you intended to serve them in case it fails to load.

Layout and Container Shifting

Take a look back at your website with which you are applying for Google AdSense approval and answer the questions listed below:

Do you have any section that lapses on other sections of your website?

How does your website layout look on Mobile devices, desktops, and smartphones? You can simulate this using mobile device agents embedded in your desktop browser.

When loading your website, do you see any object [picture, section of your website, video, frame, or text] moving from one section of your website to another where it later settles?

Take a look at your website and examine if after you think all the website contents have been loaded, you suddenly see a section appearing mostly at the top section of your website causing other contents that have been previously loaded to shift down, up, left, or right of the browser? This is what Google AdSense hates most.

Look into all these, and if your website has any, ensure that you redesign your website as these features stand against the best practice that Google AdSense demands from you before your Google AdSense application can be approved.


Url Redirection accomplishes numerous goals but could be summarized into Temporary Redirect when you redirect from a webpage to another temporarily during a site maintenance or downtime, and Permanent Redirect when a web page address has been permanently changed.
Redirection is one of the vital reasons that Google AdSense may never approve your application for Google AdSense, and unfortunately, it occurs accidentally on some application websites.

Is there any script or code behind that causes your web page to reload itself without the user’s trigger or redirecting users from a particular web address clicked by the users to another web page? This will continue to stop your application for Google AdSense if you refuse to correct it.

Besides, there is a special case of this that may be accidental but correctable. This accident is caused when your website designer forgets to enable 301 Redirect for your webpage and configures your server to cause a Permanent 301 Redirection to a particular subdomain of your domain.

If you can access your website on say and you are suffering from unstable redirection and Google AdSense may never approve your application. You either choose to redirect all your traffic permanently to one of the two subdomains even though many people forget to understand that “” and “” are two different domains.

Adaptability to Devices and Orientations

Like I have said earlier, have you tested how your website looks and performs when it is being accessed through varieties of devices including Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices under portrait and landscape orientations at their different widths and heights, respectively?

This is important and Google AdSense doesn’t joke with this when it comes to assessing your application for Google AdSense.

Interestingly, this even forms the bulk part of frontend frontend-friendly user interface, and it is good you go deep into ensuring that your website adapts to all devices under various conditions before you apply for Google AdSense again.

Mobile Friendliness

The mother of the requirements for Google AdSense is mobile friendliness, and this has to do with how your website satisfies the demands of the visitors when they hit your website using their mobile phones.

Don’t be surprised a certain priority is given to Mobile Friendliness, the majority of the online traffic today comes from mobile devices and this is why Google AdSense would want to only admit a sanitized website that is mobile friendly so that the advertisers won’t be wasting their mobile on unnecessary cost that a mobile unfriendly website can cause.


It is important to know that prompting unnecessary dialog to the users visiting your website may deny your Google AdSense application, even if you have satisfied all other requirements.

Google AdSense could not be adjudged wrong because it is possible for a prompted dialog to lock you out from accessing content on a web page until a certain action is taken, or at worst forced a redirection on the visitor to a page he did never intend to visit. If you have a prompt on your website with which you are applying for Google AdSense, kindly take it down.


If the users would need to go through a login to your webpage, kindly create a login account for Google AdSense and inform Google AdSense with the login credentials. Most preferably, do not paste your Google AdSense to your webpage that requires a login before it can be accessed.

Original Content

First, it will benefit you to know that “Content” in Google AdSense mostly means “Texts”. Hence, Google AdSense demands more text content and if your website is serving photo, video, or other digital content, it is required to have a text description that is about 250 words except you are serving the non-textual content on Google’s provided platform.

Known that it is also important to note that Google AdSense is a product of Google Inc. and it has very strong plagiarism software to detect when you copy a paragraph from another source or publish an AI-generated article on your website.

If truly you want your Google AdSense application to be approved, ensure that you write original content that will not violate the copyright of any other content creators. Don’t think you have a way to dupe the system, Google AdSense has paid for all your tactics of publishing rephrased articles, their system will detect it and that may be another reason your application may remain unapproved.

Interestingly, many people would have wanted to learn if there is a particular number of articles that you must have published before Google AdSense can approve your application; sincerely, there is none but I can recommend that you have at least 10 original articles and no number of original articles would be considered too much.

Bear in mind that you must write your content in a language supported by Google AdSense, and you must ensure that it is free of grammatical errors and foul language.

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