Common Cause of the Denial of Study Visa to UK, US and Canada

UK US Canada visa application inadequate proof of funds
Student Visa Application
It is a lifelong dream of many students to find themselves sitting side by side, and peer shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues from other parts of the world at any of the prestigious academic institute in the United Kingdom, United States of America or Canada. This is not peculiar to only these three countries but it is most common to them.

There are many reasons, varying with individuals, on growing with this lifelong dream but it is important to balance the thought with the excellence learning environment, combined with great job opportunity in the listed countries. These could be the fundamental reason for the huge number of people dreaming to migrate to Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America. However, this dream is a faced with what some people may regard as traditional bondage or spiritual obstacle to their breakthrough. The assertion may not be true if every student applying to study in the UK, US and Canada has not done their home work towards ensuring the Visa is granted.

With the rise in the number of applicants being denied visa to study in UK, US and Canada, The Round Table talked to some Travel Experts and we could identify only a common reason that mostly lead to visa denial by their destination country's consulate.

One common reason that the Travel Experts agreed upon that usually lead to applicant's visa denied by the consulate of their destination countries is the "Inadequate Proof of Funds."

The Round Table also talked to some applicants who have had their visa applications denied, we related their ordeal with "Inadequate Proof of Funds," and there was an accord.

Unfortunately, when majority of the Visa applicant wants to start their visa application processes, they source for someone who is financially okay that will move some amount of money into their bank account. This forms a "stagnant lump sum of money" in their bank account, and the reason for doing this is to convince the destination country that the Visa applicant is financially okay and would not be a liability to the destination country. Thus, the applicant has more than enough money to spend and survive in the destination country.

However, this strategy might have worked in the past, the destination countries, nowadays, have stepped up beyond looking at your account balance before granting you visa or agreeing with you that with the amount of money in your bank account, you are not a liability to their countries.n Now, what do these destination countries do?

To validate the assumption that you are not liability to their country, which they will never spare except you are getting visa to their country as a "refugee", what the destination countries including UK, USA and Canada now do is to ask you to proof the fund you claim its ownership in your bank account.

What is Proof of Funds?

Proof of Funds according refers to a document that portrays the ability of an individual or entity to pay for a specific transaction. It usually comes in form of bank statement, security statement or custody statement.

Great, majority of the visa applicant present "Proof of Funds" to the consulates of their destination countries but they fail to adequately establish the Proof of Funds they claim. This leads to another breakdown where the consulates will reject a visa application base on "Inadequate Proof of Funds."

What is Proof of Funds?
Inadequate Proof of Funds is the inability of an individual or entity to convincingly establish the claim that he has full right to executive debit transaction on every unit of the currency that is contained in the Proof of Funds submitted by the individual or entity.

Many people may think how could this be detected, and this leads to what the Visa Application processing desk officers called "Unexplained lump sum" in a Proof of Funds. At times, some desk officers will deny visa application base on "lack of assets".

This is simple and means, you have presented a Proof of Funds, maybe Six million Naira using Nigerian Naira as an instance, but all the Six million Naira just jumped into your bank account once, and since the, no impactful inflow or outflow of funds in your bank account that may establish the fact that you truly worth Six million Naira. This is an inadequate Proof of Funds.

Besides, many applicants find a means of getting huge (lump) sum of money into their personal bank account but they don't have any proof of landed or house property, business or reputable source to which the lump sum of money could be linked. This is an inadequate Proof of Funds.

Trust in your faithfulness, if you can work around "Inadequate Proof of Funds" you next visa application to UK, USA or Canada will land you in your dreamed academic institution. Know sincerely that, none of those countries (UK, USA and Canada) would want to accept any resident as a liability that will pose threat to their National sovereignty.

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Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 6/8/2023 9:55:18 AM

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