Why Your WhatsApp Number May Be Banned

Reasons for banning WhatsApp number
WhatsApp Account Banned
Before the popular messaging app, WhatsApp was acquired by the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, it was almost a free-for-all app where not many restrictions were placed on the users, and you could only be blocked by your co-users. However, from inception when ownership of the app was possessed by Mark, it was known that a rule that is very close to what is happening on his Facebook social media app should be expected. Hence, you see many WhatsApp users picking up their phones to suddenly see that their WhatsApp is no longer accessible by their registered mobile phone number.

Interestingly, it is important to note that the decision taken to block the majority of the WhatsApp numbers that were blocked by the company was, certainly, to ensure the safety of other users but in some cases, WhatsApp’s safety rules may be accidentally violated by the users and get his WhatsApp number blocked. So, in this article, we will review some of the events that usually lead to your WhatsApp number being banned by the company.

False Location

This is a situation where you used location-manipulating software like the VPN to mimic a false location when you were creating your WhatsApp account, and the company later discovered foul play in the country you chose to have created your account from and the country where you currently live.

Although this is not used unilaterally to ban an account, it raises a flag on an account with close monitoring of every activity that is performed on the account. Once the account is reported or suspected by the company itself for any fraudulent activity, accept it or not, the WhatsApp number will be banned.

Also, this may occur accidentally, when you create your WhatsApp account using correct and genuine information, including your country of residence but when you were using WhatsApp, you have forgotten or deliberately put on your VPN application, if this is frequent or your account is either reported or suspicious of foul play, the WhatsApp number would be banned.

Group/Community Membership

This is another major reason why WhatsApp number of many users were banned by the company, and the most unfortunate part of this is that many of the WhatsApp users do not know that this is now an offense in the court of Mark.

In the past, you could create as many WhatsApp groups and decide to add up all your contacts, and even the phone numbers that are not saved on your mobile phone contacts. Interestingly, this is now a punishable offense before the court of Mr. Mark’s WhatsApp.

When you create more than one WhatsApp group or community within an interval of a few minutes, first know that your WhatsApp number has been flagged but not a serious one for now.

If you now decide to add up all the phone numbers in your contacts to the groups or communities, one after the other within seconds, I can assure you that banning your WhatsApp number is very near and very close to about ninety-something percent loaded. At this stage, don’t be surprised when you suddenly get logged out of WhatsApp and begin to find a way to log in only to know that your number has been banned.

To avert this, you may need to schedule, how you create and most importantly add your contacts to your WhatsApp groups and communities. Most preferably, you can share the links of the groups and communities with your contacts and allow them to join the groups and communities voluntarily.

Direct Spamming

If you are a type who shares unsolicited messages either with links, campaigning how to get rich quickly, demanding users’ bank information, or any form of suspicious messages, your WhatsApp account is just a few clicks from being banned.

The proximity of your WhatsApp account to being banned becomes more realizable if you are the type who shares suspicious messages with a large volume of WhatsApp accounts that are not included in your contact.

Also, if your WhatsApp account has been reported severally by different WhatsApp accounts within a short period, your WhatsApp account may be banned for spamming.

Indirect Spamming

In some situations, your WhatsApp Account may be banned for spamming but without your knowledge or approval of the spam messages. This usually occurs when your WhatsApp account is hacked or hijacked by criminals.

Indirect spamming occurs when your WhatsApp account number is used to promote all of the heinous activities listed above, but the activities were not approved by you because they were initiated by a hacker who might have hijacked your device or WhatsApp account.

However, there is a certain aspect of the Indirect Spamming that would occur while you are still fully in possession of your device but partly in possession of your WhatsApp account though without your knowledge that your account is being used for fraudulent activities.

This occurs when you install some software and grant them access to perform all or some activities on your WhatsApp Messenger not knowing that the application can send WhatsApp messages to your contacts without your knowledge.

The majority of the software that does this proposes to give you more functionalities on your WhatsApp account and remove some restrictions that WhatsApp places on all accounts. For instance, an application that allows you to save photos or videos directly from your WhatsApp Status; an application that allows you to create a group where you can have millions of members and broadcast messages to them synchronously; the worst of all these is the application which allows you to log in to more than one WhatsApp account or grants you the ability to see messages that have been deleted by your contacts.

The problem here is that you have granted those applications full access to your phone and they can access almost everything and initiate any action on your behalf using WhatsApp Messenger. The access you grant to this category of application can best be described as having a “software version” of you on your phone with full permission to do whatever you can do with your WhatsApp messenger.

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