Who is the richest between Tinubu and Dangote?

Who is the richest between Tinubu and Dangote
Bola Tinubu and Aliko Dangote
Comparing who is the richest between the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the Kano-born business conglomerate, Aliko Dangote may sound weird and logically incoherent, but that is for those who have a clear understanding of what factors are put into consideration before people are ranked globally as bring richest.

Notwithstanding, no matter how deep the explanation you give to establish the fact that Aliko Dangote and Bola Tinubu are not in the same cadre to have qualified them for comparison, some people will still not agree with you.

Interestingly, everyone knows that Aliko Dangote is a business mogul with investments spread, almost all over Africa and with a business presence all over the world. Likewise, President Bola Tinubu is a successful politician, who worked as a former member of the National Assembly, a two-term former Governor of Lagos State, and President of Nigeria. A politician who is identified by many people as not just a political godfather to a generation of politicians but a political "Kingmaker" who has highly influenced who takes what in the affairs of Nigerian politics. Interestingly Tinubu also has a very strong political connection across African countries with reckoning political ties with World leaders.

For those who may want to know who is the richest between Tinubu and Dangote, how will convince them that Tinubu is a successful politician while Dangote is a successful businessman, the two professional fields don't add up to give space for a clearcut clarification on this argument.

However, aren't they right? Donald Trump was a former American President and people talk about his rank in the Forbes list, although Forbes claims Do and Trump is not as rich as he claims and he is not as poor as many think. Above all, Donald Trump was valued. So, why can't Bola Tinubu, another politician?

Not only that, Tinubu has been allegedly linked to the ownership of some business investments from having shares in Apples, Manchester United to the [alleged] ownership of the OANDO. Likewise, Dangote has been, over the decades, accused of romancing with politicians and supporting presidential candidates during elections. So, why can't these two men be assessed and compared? Let's settle this, at least for now.

Professionally, Dangote is richer than Tinubu not because he has more cash at hand or in the bank than Tinubu; not because he has more exotic vehicles, private jets, and expensive greenwood village than Tinubu but because his sources of income [his businesses] are professionally listed in the stock market, from where people's assets and liabilities are compared to professionally rank them on the richness ladder. So, every cent that belongs to Dangote is linked to his business account and it is easily accessible to quantify his net worth unlike Tinubu, whose assets and liabilities could not be easily accessible as they must have been politically managed to comply with democratic requirements.

Arguably, in reality, is it possible for a businessman, Aliko Dangote, to be richer than a former Senate member and former Governor of the most economic-viable state in West Africa, Lagos State for a good eight years, Bola Tinubu, who has also been alleged to be in charge of the state's activities since he left power in 2007 to date?

How possible will it be to convince anyone who has an interest in this argument to believe that a businessman, Aliko Dangote, is richer than a political landlord of Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who has influenced the emergence of many state Governors, National and State Houses of Assembly members across the country, over the decades?

How is it possible to convince anyone who has an interest in this argument to believe that a businessman, Aliko Dangote, is richer than the political leader of the Southwestern part of Nigeria who has been influencing the emergence of the Nigerian President for decades?

How easy will it be to agree that a businessman, Aliko Dangote, is richer than the Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (GCFR) and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu?

It could be hard and seem almost impossible but the fact remains, although Bola Tinubu may be richer than Dangote, his assets and liabilities are not easily accessible, hence they are not valuable in aggregation like Dangote's assets and liabilities could be accessed and assessed for ranking.

Finally, let's settle the argument this way; formally [professionally] Dangote is richer than Tinubu but out of formality, Tinubu is a way far richer than Dangote.

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