Exclusive: Why Israel DMW and Ex-wife, Sheila, Divorced

Why Davido Aide Israel DMW and Ex-wife, Sheila, Divorced
Israel DMW and Ex-wife, Shiela
Israel Afeare who is popularly known as Israel DMW, a Davido’s aide, has publicized bank receipt evidence of N500,000.00 he transferred to the family of his estranged wife, Sheila after their wedding ceremony.

Israel DMW revealed that his in-law insisted he must share with them the money sprayed on him during their wedding ceremony which was attended by the musical crew of his master, David Adeleke who is popularly known on stage as Davido. Israel had earlier claimed that Davido had to shun N140 million music show for him to attend the wedding ceremony with his 30-Billion-Gang.

Davido’s logistic manager, Israel DMW, in the shared receipt, claimed that after much persuasion he sent N1 million to the parent of Sheila, and he bought iPhone 14 PROMAX which was worth N1.2 million for the estranged wife, Sheila.

Israel DMW stated further that the family of his estranged wife had stood on him to share the money sprayed on him with them and buy an iPhone 14 PROMAX of N1.2 million for Sheila, all because Sheila was a virgin as of the time of their marriage. He said all he did were not intentional but conditions attached to their marriage by Sheila’s family because of her virginity.

Recall that, recently, after Israel DMW announced the crash of their one-year-old marriage, his estranged wife, Sheila took to the media to accuse Israel DMW of using the wedding to “gather money for himself.”

Although Israel had alleged that his ex-wife, Sheila, had wanted him to abandon Davido after the marriage, accusing the estranged wife of calling him a “slave” to Davido for being too loyal to his boss, an allegation that has been debunked by Sheila. Israel DMW got married to Sheila David on October 20th, 2022 in Benin City, Edo State capital.

Why Israel DMW’s Marriage Crashed

Going by the above revelations from both Israel DMW and Sheila, the reason for their failed marriage could be traced to two reasons.

Institutional Failure

To blame the family of Sheida, particularly for their demands for money from Israel DMW could be a shortsighted reasoning as the tradition is known to the people of Edo State, especially when giving their ladies out in marriage.

The tradition in Edo is what looks more like a reprisal, nowadays, than tradition. Most of these life-threatening traditions have made their ladies cry profusely before, and on the day of their wedding because the ladies are not also happy with the tradition.

What happens mostly in the tradition is that some of the extended parents of the lady in the marriage have had their daughter go through the same unhappy scenario during their wedding, and they see every wedding as an opportunity to avenge.

To substantiate the avenged mission, it could be keen to know that no matter how rich you are, the tradition will ensure you are frustrated to an extent you would even choose to abandon the wedding and keep their daughter with them on the wedding day. The majority of the marriage traditions in Nigeria will never ask anything from the family of the husband, immediately they finish the payment of dowry; the case is different in Edo. You would be charged from dawn to dusk, and in some cases, the parents of the lady would even demand 100 wraps of hot pounded yam and a big cow at around 9 P.M. on the wedding day.

The essence of this tradition is that it takes Godly intervention to sustain the love a husband has for his wife, after the wedding. On the day of the wedding, if not for Godly intervention, all the love he has for her would fade out like a blow of the breeze, as a result of untold hardship, frustration, threats, and anger the husband would have to go through within a week to the wedding and till a day after the wedding.

So, to say and with no exception to the crashed marriage between Israel DMW and Sheila, the tradition kills natural love on the wedding day.

It could be recalled that no reference was particularly made to condemn any of the demands made by Sheila’s family, in reality, this is not about Sheila; it is about the tradition that brought her up and staged her marriage.

Unmatchable Marriage

The marriage between Sheila and Israel DMW could be described as an influenced one with no merit to have brought about the conjugal union.

Looking at the features of Sheila and Israel DMW, a good and God-fearing person would have cast doubt on the sustainability of the marriage, and a possible crash of the marriage whether soon or later.

In science, only Positive and Negative attracts while Positive-Positive or Negative-Negative repels. However, in philosophy mad goes for mad; sane goes for sane; Positive and Positive or Negative-Negative attract while Positive and Negative will always repel.

Without knowing much about the personality of Israel DMW, his gang could be enough to have a close projection of who he might be. Adage says “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”.

Israel belongs to the streets, and Sheila was brought up with practices that firmly stood against the street. On the street, sanity is redefined to mean the direct opposite of the sanity with which Sheila was brought up. A virgin on the street at that age? I won’t dispute it but she must have lost the spiritual aspect of her virginity to the street while, in a rare case, she still possesses the physical aspect of virginity. However, the practice that brought up Sheila seemed to have preserved both the spiritual and physical aspects of her virginity.

How would you be surprised if Sheila complains Israel’s loyalty to Davido is slavery? How would you wonder if she asked Israel to abandon Davido? How would you be surprised if Israel kept receipt of everything he did for his wife?

No one needs to be surprised because Sheila and Israel belong to different scopes of life, and their previous marriage was unmatchable, incoherent and would feel disagreement and dissatisfaction, no matter how long they stayed together except one of them was smart enough to win the heart of the other into his/her scope of living.

The marriage between the holy Sheila and Don Israel is nothing different from a marriage between the meat seller and someone who would never survive seeing or eating meat.

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