Dangers Ahead of Datti's Abuse of Constitutional Order

Datti Baba-Ahmed Arise TV The Supremes Court
Datti Baba-Ahmed
The lenience of the Democratic System of governance is often seen by many as its weakness. It gives room for checks and balances and affinity for political opponents to run slanderous, and crisis-prone comments, all in the name of playing politics while the man at the helm of affairs of the ruling party will still have to obey the constitutional order which gives Right to Freedom of Speech to every citizen of a country.

What is currently happening in Nigeria is nothing different from the dangers that surround the Democratic System of governance. The most crucial part is that, in a developing democracy like Nigeria, if care is not taken, it may shortlive the democratic gain in the country, and either return the country to the military era or a state of anarchy.

The probability of an electoral contest is usually x of two. Your x could be 0 or 2, no election result ends in 1/2 or otherwise than 0/2 or 2/2. Hence, every politician may need to respect the mathematics of an electoral contest. That is, you either win or lose an election. There is no affinity for drawing in an electoral event.

Going by the recent vocal alterations from the vice presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Datti Baba-Ahmed, one would think that Nigerians, though elderly ones have quickly forgotten the ways out of the military era or insincerity has just becloud the sense of every Nigerian.

Unlike in the military junta where once a junta leader seizes power, that marks the end until another successful military coup is launched, democracy is sweet, and soft and allows every victory recorded at polls to go through legal drillings, as may be wanted by the opposition.

After the 2023 Presidential Election, every interested party who was not satisfied with the results of the election went to court, and they were all given judicial time to entertain their cases. The judiciary would never follow emotion to establish a judgment, it will always deliver its judgment based on arguments it heard in the courtroom.

Like the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Datti's political party, the Labour Party, challenged the victory of Bola Ahmed Tinubu from the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal up to the Supreme Court, and no one blocked them from presenting their cases than they did, which ended in vain for them.

It is constitutionally dangerous for the country, and the judiciary system, if Datti Baba-Ahmed could continue to lament like an illiterate after the Supremes Court of Law had upheld the judgment delivered by the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal without him pointing out where the court robbed them of their rights but just on a mere ground that they failed to win the 2023 Presidential Election.

Datti Baba-Ahmed and his boss, Mr. Peter Obi were not the first, and will never be the last to lose an election in court.

Datti was heard on a live program on Arise TV yesterday, saying “I am telling Nigerians to rise for yourselves. No Supreme Court will give you true democracy. Alhaji Tinubu does not own Nigeria. For HE Peter Obi and me, it is over, but it is not over for the Nigerian people! Nigerians have the power to take back their country. They can and should take back their country, especially when the Supreme Court upheld illegality”

This is not only bad for Datti, but it calls for concern from average Nigerians who still believe in the country, and not only running a political race on the grounds of a hidden agenda. Datti is calling for Nigeria to be burnt down, all in the name of his failure to manage their collective failure at the poll.

Recall that one of the Justices who delivered the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal judgment displayed her disappointment in the case, particularly, brought before the court by the Datti's Labour Party where she ruled that the party only filed allegations before the court and failed to feed the court with evidences required to determine the case.

Datti's Labour Party alleged its scores were deflated without telling the court, what Polling Units this occurred, what was the Actual Score of the party, and what was the deflated value given to the party.

Datti closed his eyes on this failure of their incompetence and decided to deride the judiciary system rather than condemning their incompetent legal partners who brought cases that lacked merits and wasted their money after they had wasted a lot running baseless election campaigns that never materialized.

If Datti is not called to book, this may become a trend, recruiting more illiterates to join his campaign of calumny and this may give rise to a state of anarchy or another form of insurgency which may cost the government at all levels more resources that should be used for developmental purposes. Amongst others, this may drive away investors and the developmental strides of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu may be sabotaged by Datti and his set of leftists who see nothing good in Nigeria except it comes from their failed cycle.

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Tag: Datti BabaAhmed Arise TV The Supremes Court
Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 11/7/2023 5:19:08 PM

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