Obidients Are Ignorant of Peter Obi's Lack of Idea, Says Bwala

Obidients Are Ignorant of Peter Obi
Daniel Bwala
The former spokesperson of the Atiku Campaign Organization and repentant ally of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Daniel Bwala, has disclosed the distance between the reality of Peter Obi's administrative prowess and the perception in the minds of his political followers who nicknamed themselves the Obidients.

Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party, is believed by his followers, the Obidients to be a fountain of knowledge with a clear-cut idea to solve Nigeria's socioeconomic problems within the space of time if he had been elected as president of Nigeria.

However, Bwala had come under cyber attack by many Obidients due to his recent repentance towards the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Bwala, who had been in the past, an unrepentant critic of the policies of President Tinubu suddenly changed his perception towards the administration as he insisted President Tinubu had taken the hard decision needed to bail out Nigeria from the impending economic woes.

Bwala had stated, after one of his recent meetings with President Tinubu, that before the election he could not believe President Tinubu would have had the courage to deliver Nigeria as he is currently doing.

Obidients, who had in the past, sang praise of Bwala when he condemned President Tinubu's administration suddenly changed their beliefs and resorted to negative remarks about him immediately after he repented towards the administration of the President.

Responding to one of the latest Obidients' negative remarks about his respect for President Tinubu's administration, Bwala said the majority of Obidients are not aware of the incapability of their preferred presidential candidate, Peter Obi, to address the national issues as President Tinubu is currently doing.

Bwala said "For those people that call themselves obidients, apart from curses and insults do you have any clear idea about what Peter Obi would have done differently had he been elected? Because Obi himself has not advanced a single plan. No wonder Reno Omokri and Deji Adeyanju chased you out of their handle space.”

Speaking further, Bwala claimed that Peter Obi does not have real feeling for the masses.

He said, "Peter Obi wants to govern Nigeria using catchphrases and buzzwords; consumption to production; China, Malaysia, Egypt etc. What the “F” does he know about governance? Pretending he cares for poor masses, go and ask how much he pays his staff in all his companies; and come back and explain to me the true meaning of modern day slavery.

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