Inside Osun brothel where Sex Workers fast on Sunday

Inside Osun brothel where Sex Workers fast on Sunday
The publisher of GbetuTv was recently in Ilesa, the headquarters of Ijesaland, for a burial. He could not withhold what he witnessed in the city; the underage sex workers, legitimization of sex-for-money, and lackadaisical attitude of the state government to curb the menace.

Take your precious time and go through his revelation:

A likely abandoned ancient building in Osun State, Nigeria, Ilesa environs that has been refurbished by a new owner. As it would be impossible for a visitor to locate a blind or crippled person’s grave, visitors will also find it difficult to locate the building without the assistance of locals or indigenous people because of its location. This building is located in Ijesaland.

The facility has a spacious parlor used as a bar with a freezer, plastic chairs, and tables with standing fans, along with two rooms on the right and four rooms on the left. The entrance is barely lit. There is a tiny wooden hut in front of the structure, and five wooden tables and chairs are there for relaxation. At 8:45 p.m., this reporter arrived at the brothel, entered the little cabin, and took a seat that wasn’t occupied.

Just five minutes after the reporter took a seat, a fair-skinned girl, later identified as Toyin, who was most likely in her late teens, approached him and asked what he wanted to take. This reporter asked to have a bottle of water and was told there was catfish or pepper soup available. Here, we solely provide meat, soft drinks, and beers for sale. Five pieces of beef cost N200 each and are placed in a bowl. She replied, “Our drinks are also comparatively less expensive.”

This journalist asked for bottled water and a bowl of meat. “I am a journeyer.” I came for the burial ceremony but I couldn’t afford a hotel. Is there somewhere I can spend the night that charges nothing, or anything much cheaper? This reporter inquired. With a smile, Toyin replied, “It’s just a bar and brothel for quick rest and pleasure.” You may only utilize this location for a brief period, choose any lady you like, and purchase any drinks that are offered. She went on, “Your apartment or hotel will be the place to stay if you want the lady to spend the night.”

This reporter finished the steak and got up to leave his seat to go to the main building. In front of the building, seven sex workers were dancing with men. These young women were spotted beckoning guys to their beds while some of them touched men’s private areas to arouse their sexual desires. They wore gaudy gowns, tight pants, and bum shots to enhance their bodies.

While other sex workers danced for customers, a young lady in her early twenties sat on a bench in front of the building. She was preoccupied with her phone. When this reporter got closer, he realized she was repeating a USSD code. This reporter tapped her on the shoulder and asked if they could enter the room. She rose and led the reporter into the room.

As this reporter walked into her room, he noticed packs of condoms, rolls of tissue paper, a tired student-sized bed, and a bin covered in black nylon that was filled with used condoms and tissues in a dimly lit room. Other men emerged from other rooms as this reporter walked through a passage of colored bulbs. Can these girls ever find out how many men they’ve slept with? This thought occurred to the reporter.

With haste, she pulled her bum shot off, grabbed a condom from her bag, pulled the reporter in, and held his manhood. “Take off your pants, and let’s get this done quickly.” She said, ‘I have to attend to other customers. In response, the reporter said he just wanted to get to know her so they could become close. With a smile, she asked if the reporter did not know that he was staying in a brothel. Who visits a brothel looking for friendships or soul mates? She asked in jest, adding that she could only be a fuck-mate.

The reporter said he would rather have a home service and that he just wanted to get to know her better. “It is not comfortable for me to have sex here.” This reporter continued, “I prefer my house because I will be completely free.” The reporter was accused of wasting her time by the clearly irate woman. You asked if I served people at home, so why didn’t you ask? She asked.

The reporter asked her how much the home service would cost and gave her N15,000. For home service, I charge differently. I take N7000 at night and N3000 during the day. She answered, “If you can pay me well, I can stay for two or three days during the week.”

“On weekends, I stay at home.” “Can you stay with me from Friday night until Monday morning?” inquired the reporter. She responded that she doesn’t have sex from 11:59 p.m. on Saturday night until 12 p.m. on Sunday afternoon and wonders if I’ll be able to handle it.

“I usually begin my fast on Saturday night and break it on Sunday. So do Becca, Debby, and me. We would rather remain at the brothel since we are unable to predict our clients‘ demands or behavior if we visit their apartments. She remarked, “We’ve been doing this for months.

‘I don lose money, o. ‘I beg I dey go out,’ says the woman later identified as ‘Rosy’ in pidgin language as she approaches the door. This reporter drew her in close and handed her N2000, saying he wanted them to be closer. At the very least, someone who would spend a few days with me in my apartment should be well-known, the reporter added.

Rosy, who was clearly annoyed by the reporter’s request, had no choice but to comply after receiving the N2,000. I am a native of Kogi, but I have lived in the southwest, particularly in Ekiti, Ondo, and Osun, for more than five years, she revealed.

She also revealed that she lost her father at a young age and that the responsibilities were too much for her mother, forcing her to leave the house after disappointment from extended relatives.

“After a year of staying with my uncle, I fled because of his wife’s cruelty and abuse. I chose to live on the streets, and prostitution found me,” she continued.

“Rosy,” who appeared to be taken aback by the conversation, informed this reporter that she intended to give up the sex industry and utilize the money she had saved up over the years to launch a respectable and legal company.

“We make a lot of money.” N1500 is the cost of a short-term service. If you do at least ten per day, you will earn N15,000 per day. You may be fortunate enough to receive additional compensation or be assigned to night duty with higher pay. You only need to pay the brothel owner, buy drugs, and perfume, and eat well. “You’ll still have some money to save,” Rosy added.

The sex worker, who was born in Kogi, bemoaned the rising cost of condoms and the risks it presents to both their industry and society at large.

“A condom pack now costs N350 or more. A pack of condoms only contains three of them. The amount of money we have spent on condoms has increased. Because they do not want to receive a percentage of their client’s money, some sex workers now engage in raw sex. She bemoaned, “Those who frequent us and are supposed to bring condoms will not as well because they too prefer unprotected sex to condom use.

Condom-distributing NGOs and foundations are no longer active. There were times when we received extra condoms from NGOs, so I went four months without purchasing a single one. She continued, “I fear HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, and other sexually transmitted diseases, but sadly, they (NGOs) haven’t been forthcoming.”

“Rosy” gave this reporter a look and tried to caress his manhood without any discernible purpose. “Let’s swiftly complete one round to make up for the N3500 you gave me. I have to work quickly because today is still young. “My bike man is on his way to pick me up for night parole at a customer’s house soon,” she said. By the time this reporter looked at his watch, it was already 10:15 p.m.

“My apartment is a long way away. “I have to leave right now, but we can always talk and make necessary arrangements over the phone,” the reporter says as he struggles out of Rosy’s room. She provided this reporter with her phone number. This reporter stormed out of the brothel, promising to call the Kogi-born sex worker known as “Rosy.” At 10:20 p.m., the reporter bid ‘Rosy’ farewell and promised to return another day.

The Round Table understands that this is common, almost, in every Nigerian city in both the North and Southern divides of the country but the moral decay and future health challenges this activity poses should be considered by the government at all levels to minimize the rate and regulate the age of the actors in this menace of sex-for-money habit among the young ladies roaming the streets of Nigerian cities.

Today, every Nigerian city is not different from Spain or Italy of the late 90s.

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