Foresight: People Relate Nokia's Scenario as Toyota Refuses To Produce Electric Vehicles

Foresight: People Relate Nokia
Toyota Cars
To many people, the Chief Executive Officer, Koji Sato, and the Chairman, Akio Toyoda, are making a very big mistake by rejecting the idea of switching to the production of Electric Vehicles from the gasoline-powered vehicles the company has been known for.

People often compared Toyota's refusal to switch to the massive production of Electric Vehicles with the decision taken by Nokia Incorporation when the necessity arose to switch to the production of smartphones but decided to stick to the traditional analog mobile phone production. The decision that later swept Nokia out of the Mobile phone market, even after it was purchased by Microsoft to launch the Windows Smartphone, the speed at which the market was moving was so higher than Microsoft's Nokia could meet up.

However, Toyota's decision to stick to the production of gasoline-powered vehicles could not be comparable to the situation of Nokia as many people are saying, currently.

There is a proximity of a severely hazardous future for electric vehicles which might not have shown face by now. This could be argued but it could be interesting to note that Toyota was the first automobile industry to venture into the production of electric vehicles in the early 1990s, even before anyone including Tesla could think of electric vehicles idea. However, Toyota suddenly dropped the idea and vowed not to invest its dime into electric vehicle production.

The Round Table learned that the CEO of Toyota is straightforward, stating that he thinks electric vehicles (EVs) will only make up 30% of the new car market in the US by 2030. This is half of what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aimed for last year.

He further vowed to rather buy credits instead of putting his money into Electric Vehicles productions.

These are disturbing facts coming from the desk of the world's greatest automobile maker, and rather than comparing his firm to Nokia, there could be more to the decision reached by the Toyota owner.

Opinions gathered by The Round Table from car users have also given hope to Toyota's decision as some US users had preferred their gasoline cars to Electric Vehicles after having their hands on some EVs.

Car users complained about electric vehicles' poor design, unattractive interior, unsuitability for long journeys, cooling system, and high cost of maintenance of the battery soon, they however revealed their satisfaction with its sound system.

There were mixed reactions to the speed capability of EVs and gasoline cars as People differed in their experiences. Also, many people backing Toyota's point of view stated that EVs are more hazardous, polluting the environment more severely than gasoline cars, if this is true, it defeats the primary purpose of switching the power system of cars as technologists advanced toward controlling greenhouse effect of fossil fuels emissions.

American Tesla Motors is currently taking the lead in the production and selling of Electric Vehicles, selling between 300,000 and looking forward to selling 3 million units, annually; Toyota currently makes and sells approximately 10 million units of gasoline cars, annually.

Considerably, if EVs take 30% of the US market by 2030, Japanese Toyota still has a bigger chance of dominating the 70% US market for gasoline cars and presumably a higher portion of the African and other developing countries of the world.

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