39-Year-Old Woman Splashes $5000 to Marry Herself

Woman marries herself mexico u.s.a
Andria Johnson
A 39-year-old Mexican woman, Andria Johnson has spent a whooping sum of $5,000 on a lone party she organized where she married herself.

Andria Johnson is a divorced Mexican woman who revealed how he felt out of the world when she lost her last marriage.

In 2015, Andria Johnson, then 31 got married to her husband who was then 45-year-old in Las Vegas. Reminding what led to her failed marriage with her former husband, Andria recalled that an age gap of 14 years and socioeconomic differences were the major constraints that cost her the first marriage.

Andria stated that she had dreamt of a healthy and long stay in her marital relationship just as her parents lived together for 42 years in their marriage but she had to blame herself for not being a perfect wife, not knowing more about life, and placing the idea of marriage above the health of their relationship.

To regain herself, Andria started working with a therapist, and after going through tedious moments for three years, she decided to wed herself.

At a therapy session, Andria told her therapist, “I love myself, and I would love to be the person married to me.”
Andria Johnson proposed to herself on February 14, 2023, on Valentine’s Day and eventually traveled from her Hanover home in Maryland to Tulum, Mexico where she said “I do” to herself in a solo no-guest wedding ceremony.

Andria Johson placed a $37 ring on her finger in front of a local officiate in Tulum, Mexico. She had believed that she made a mistake in her first marriage by giving her love to someone else when she ought to have loved herself.

Family, friends, and workmates of Andria called her names and described her as a “lonely” and “crazy” woman for deciding to wed herself.

Andria Johnson was not the first woman to marry herself. Selena Gomez, 31, married herself last year on her 30th birthday. Singer Mya, 40, said “I do” to herself in the Seychelles off the coast of East Africa.

Reacting to her ordeal, Andria said "There were a lot of comments made to me and behind my back about me being pathetic, crazy, lonely, starved for attention, and a whole slew of other things.

"Some employees anonymously reported me to the HR department and initiated an investigation at work around my mental stability. It was really a tough time.

"Because I spent the majority of my life trying to satisfy other people, I decided to do this for myself. I wanted the ceremony to reflect me and not conform to society's standard of a wedding, but I still wanted to be a bride.

On how she spent $5,000 on the wedding, Andria said "I used elements of a typical Christian wedding (dress, hair, makeup, ring) and some of my own, like baptism, spiritual vows, and an acknowledgment of my love for myself alone in nature.

"This ceremony was deeply personal to me, so I wanted to say my vows out loud to myself, but I didn't need the "official" pomp and circumstance of the traditional wedding.

"I went to a cenote for a photoshoot symbolizing the rebirth of myself and emerging into the new version of myself.

"When I emerged from the water (almost like a baptism), I put on my wedding dress, walked to the cenote, said my vows, and put the ring on my own finger,' she said.

"I felt quite similar to what I experienced when I married my ex-husband. Once I released myself to my higher power to give and receive love for myself, I was ready to do it.

"It was an amazing experience! The ceremony lasted the entire day.

"My vows were deeply personal and were written throughout the week that I was there. Saying them to myself with eyes closed in nature was the ultimate bondage.

"I was alone, but never alone as long as I had myself. Then, when I saw myself in my wedding dress, it was amazing. I felt beautiful. I picked the dress for me that I wanted.

"The cake and champagne were the added bonus at the end of the evening, and I didn't have to share with anyone else. I did everything for me, and it was empowering to know that I didn't need another human being to feel this amazing.

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Woman marries herself mexico u.s.a
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Woman marries herself mexico u.s.a
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Woman marries herself mexico u.s.a
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Woman marries herself mexico u.s.a
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Woman marries herself mexico u.s.a
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Woman marries herself mexico u.s.a
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Published 10/25/2023 12:39:42 AM

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