WhatsApp Channel Put Fantastic Feature into Test

WhatsApp Channel Put Fantastic Feature into Test
Recently, the WhatsApp messaging platform unveiled its channel where brands can interact with their followers in a one-to-many data transaction model on top full message encryption network and well-secured user details.

With the WhatsApp channel, WhatsApp users can reliably follow the topics, groups, or brands of their interest without having the fear of exposing their mobile phone number to the admin or other followers of the channel.

There have been a lot of improvements on the sides of the WhatsApp Channel since it was launched, however, the latest improvement is a super goal for the app as it raises hope of making the WhatsApp channel a complete platform for hosting one's fellows for all sorts of online activities.

Existing, WhatsApp channel already had the capability allowing the admin to send text messages, emojis, and upload documents of various types including audio, video, PDF, sorts of other formats, unfortunately, WhatsApp channel did not allow the admin to record his voice directly from the app, and send it to the followers as it could be done in a private chat menu.

Yesterday, WhatsApp CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, put to test his voice, the capability of the WhatsApp channel to allow admins to send directly recorded voice notes to their followers, without having to go through a Third-party app before exchanging voice conversation in a WhatsApp channel.

In the voice note, Mark was talking about a recent poll conducted on his channel where he had enquired about the best game of all time, a poll which was won by the "GTA" with 124,000 votes followed by "Call of Duty", 51,100, and "Super Mario" with 39,400 votes.

Interestingly, with this development, it is hopeful to expect the WhatsApp channel to integrate the ability to broadcast not just voice notes from admin to the followers but the capability of an admin to host one's followers in a conference voice call, conference video call and lots of other fantastic features that the traditional WhatsApp chat menu currently enjoys.

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WhatsApp Channel Put Fantastic Feature into Test
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WhatsApp Channel Put Fantastic Feature into Test
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