Pastor Ibiyeomie Reveals Why People Suffer Every January

Pastor Ibiyeomie Reveals Why People Suffer Every January
Pastor David Ibiyeomie
One of the most popular pastors in Nigeria, Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries has revealed the reason behind the predicament of many people who face various degrees of hardship every January.

Pastor Ibiyeomie, while delivering a sermon recently in his church, revealed that people's failure to invest in God is the foundation of the challenges they face during January, every year.

What Pastor Ibiyeomie meant by people's failure to invest in God is their inability to pay tithes and offerings, mostly, during this festive period.

According to him, when they spend all their incomes in the season, some resort to binding their landlords due to their inability to renew their rent, stressing that such prayers are not biblical.

“January is always the longest month for many people, because if they pay you before Christmas and they give you a Christmas bonus and then before the new year you have spent everything, without even investing in the Kingdom, most of you will not pay Tithe, you feel this time no way, I have shoes to buy, I have hair to buy, I have clothes to buy.

“No problem while you’re buying them also remember that by January, the landlord will give you a bill, and the children will give you school fees, you can’t bind your landlord, even if you bind him, I lose him.

“It is unscriptural to bind your landlord when he built his own house for goodness’ sake, why are you binding a man, do you think he built the house for you to live for free, those are not scriptural prayers, it is against the scripture, pay your rent.

“Don’t speak in tongues and say have a stroke, why will the man have a stroke, why will your landlord have a stroke, what did he do to you that you want him to have a stroke and then you say he is not born again? That’s why you now start quoting scripture that has no meaning,” Ibiyeomie said.

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