Nuhu Ribadu: Is National Security Adviser Different From Special Adviser?

Is national security adviser the same as special Adviser is Nuhu Ribadu National Security Adviser or special Adviser what is the difference between National Security Adviser NSA and special Adviser sa security
Nuhu Ribadu
The trend is still hot on the appointment of the former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nuhu Ribadu as the Special Adviser to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Security.

Many people are still confused whether the position of the Special Adviser on Security and National Security Adviser are the same or different.

These are contributions by the learned citizens who are not strange to the system, regarding whether Nuhu Ribadu is the NSA or his role as SA on Security is different.

According to Dr Joe Abbah, President Tinubu has only avoided what he called riot on "bloody policeman" by naming Nuhu Ribadu as his Special Adviser on Security rather than National Security Adviser. He said SA Security and NSA are the same and there is no section of the 1999 Constitution that mandates it that a President must appoint a National Security Adviser. He said Security Coordinator is what the Constitution recognizes, and anybody could be appointed to the post and be called NSA or SA Security.

He said "...Several people have tagged me about Nuhu Ribadu’s position as ‘Special Adviser to the President on Security.’ Let us try and unpick the issues.

"The National Securities Act requires the President to appoint a Coordinator of National Security. I cannot find anywhere in the Act where it says there must be the position of ‘National Security Adviser.’

"TRADITIONALLY though, Presidents have appointed a National Security Adviser in furtherance of the President’s unfettered powers under Section 171 of the Constitution to appoint any person to any position as he deems fit.

"Because the NSA coordinates the work of all security organizations, including the military, Presidents have tended to appoint retired generals who will have the respect of the military and security forces. It doesn’t have to though. He can appoint ANYBODY as NSA.

"The NSA is a member of the Federal Executive Council, the National Security Council and the National Defence Council. Because NSAs have traditionally been ex-generals, if you wanted to appoint a former policeman, like Ribadu, to coordinate national security, it might be wise not to call the person National Security Adviser, just to avoid wahala.

"Special Advisers are some of the most senior advisers (aides) to the President. More senior than Senior Special Assistant and Special Assistant. They almost have equivalent status as Ministers but not quite.

"They tend to head functions. They are personal staff of the President and do not require Senate clearance. The Senate just approves a number of SAs that the President can appoint because they are paid from the budget. After that, he can appoint whoever he likes.

"The Service Chiefs report to the President anyway, or at least they should.

"A Special Adviser on Security (like Ribadu) will simply coordinate their work on behalf of the President and ensure that there is free sharing of security information and no inter-agency rivalry. However, it is clear that they will NOT report to Ribadu but to the President.

"Because what the National Securities Agency Act requires is a ‘coordinator on national security’ (not an NSA), Ribadu can play that role. .

"So, unless President Tinubu chooses to appoint a traditional NSA (which he has the Constitutional powers to do), Ribadu will, to all intents and purposes, fulfill the same role that NSAs have traditionally played.

"Because he is an ex-policeman, not calling him NSA is a deft move that avoids any issues from the military about a “bloody policeman” being their boss. This way, the boss is clearly Mr President. Ribadu’s role is a coordination and advisory one.

Another learned citizen, Daniel Bwala stated that "Do not be confused, Special Adviser on Security is the same as National Security Adviser. All Special Advisers including NSA do not require senate confirmation. Furthermore there has never been two special advisers on security in the presidency, rest your mind, Nuhu Ribadu is the National Security Adviser.

In the end, it is believe that NSA is the same as SA Security because they are both political appointments with the same mandate, and they both do not require being screened by the National Assembly.

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Tag: Is national security adviser the same as special Adviser is Nuhu Ribadu National Security Adviser or special Adviser what is the difference between National Security Adviser NSA and special Adviser sa security
Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 6/16/2023 1:48:59 AM

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