I Received Three Tokens When I Bought Power for MUJEC Meter, How Do I Load the Meter

Mujec Prepaid Meter Three Tokens
Normally, when purchasing MOJECT Prepaid meter's power unit, the Electricity Biller System will issue a 20-digit token which will be inputted into MOJEC Prepaid Meter's Monitor, a white calculator-like device that is also called User Interface by some users of the MOJEC Prepaid meter.

However, in some situation, mostly caused by poor mobile network signal at the point of purchasing your power unit, the Electricity Biller System fails to successfully process the tariff index of your Prepaid Meter using the Meter Number submitted to it, it then arrived at saving your time by generating three separate 20-digit tokens labelled KCT1-; KCT2- and CTok-en:

When you receive this, feel safe and do not panic, all you may need to do is to Input the 20-digit codes on KCT1, press the ENTER key; Input the second KCT2, Press the ENTER key. Then, input the 20-digit CTok-en and press the ENTER key.

In case, the CTok-en was not successful after you have entered it, kindly repeat to input the 20-digit CTok-en codes and Press Enter until it is successful. Failure to get the CTok-en loaded once is often caused by poor availability of mobile network.

Recall that the situation where you receive three 20-digit tokens when attempting to buy Power can also be caused by changing of Transformer that supply power to your house. This occurs when the capacity of the Transformer that previously supply power to your house differ from the new transformer.

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Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 8/5/2023 8:04:31 PM

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