How To Resolve Synchronization Failure of Your Professional Email Accounts

How To Resolve Synchronization Failure of Your Professional Email Accounts
Professional Email Accounts
Professional email accounts are often provided by web hosting service providers and business email service providers who do not, in most cases, have standard or globally recognized applications for accessing conversations on professional email addresses.

Professional emails include all the email addresses that are also referred to as business emails, they have domains that are unique to a particular person or business that use them. For example, the Round Table has two professional emails; and

What makes the above email accounts unique to The Round Table is the domain they carry which is “” which is different from the domain of the common email accounts that everyone can just go online to create his account like,, and so on.

To access professional email accounts, business owners resolve to use the standard client-side email applications that are globally recognized including Gmail, Outlook, MailChimp e.t.c

Unfortunately, after you have successfully logged in to your professional email account using one of the Email applications listed above but fail to synchronize new messages when you use the email account to send a message it doesn’t get delivered.

Although this occurrence is rare and could sound weird to a non-tech-oriented user of the professional email account. The solution to this rare occurrence is simple but could be tedious if you are not well informed. Unfortunately, it may cost you several conversations over time you have no clue how to get the email account back to the active states. However, have an assurance that none of your messages is lost as the problem only denied the display of your message, it doesn’t stop your received (inbox) messages from being saved onto your mail server memory.

To Re-Enable Synchronization of a Professional Email Account

To enable the failed synchronization of your professional email account, you will need to log in to the portal (e.g. plesk) provided for you by your email service provider to manage your email.

Once you have logged in, click on the affected email account, and just change the password of the professional email account.

Go back to your Client Mail Application [say Gmail app or Outlook App], Remove the affected email account, and start afresh on the client mail app to add (login) the professional email account again using your new password.

Recall that this rare event always occurs, mostly, when your professional email account is being hit vigorously by hacking who had wanted to hijack the business email from you. Anytime you face the same challenge again, just repeat the process.

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