How Data-Scraping Lawsuit May Put an End to Generative AI

Data-Scraping Lawsuit Google generative AI artificial intelligence
The computer is argued to be the dumbest device and the most intelligent technology that has ever been in existence. These features of a computer are said to be a consequence of who is at the other end of training the computer what to do. This is because no computer will decide to do anything except it is told to do so following a set of instructions contained in the programs installed in the computer.

Since the days of analog computers, programmers and experts in the field of training computers have been proactive in increasing the intelligence of a computer.

Today, we have a computer that can be sent to rugged areas like warfronts, underwater, other planets, and so on, to perform some tasks and return to us with outputs. This is made possible by the incorporation of human expertise into the computer's ways of thinking. The technology is often referred to as Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence aims at building computational devices that are capable of rendering services or performing jobs that require human expertise in the past, with little to no interaction with man. This is achievable by training computers how men receive, process, query, and act on orders that trigger an action.

Today, you can ask some of the chatbots to compose an article about a particular topic with more specifications just like you can contract humans to do the same.

Performing the same task, with humans will cost you more time, money, and other resources to get this done but a chat will get this delivered in under a minute.

This has posed threats to the future of human nature as many feared the invention of Artificial Intelligence may render their expertise useless. Hence, there is currently a lawsuit before a California court where Google is being challenged for infringement on the Rights and Privacy of website owners by using their data to train its AI without their permission.

Google is arguing before the court that if the AI engineers are stopped from using website data to build their Artificial Intelligence, it will pose a big threat to the Expert System and that may put an end to the future of artificial intelligence.

Some Computer Experts who argued in favor of Google claimed that if the website owners could not fault Google for using data generated after crawling their websites to build a search engine that returns organic traffic to their websites, it would be wrong for the same website owners to stop Google from building an artificial intelligence from the same data.

Google also argued that since it encourages website owners to control access to their websites using robot.txt files, it would be irrelevant to challenge their usage of data scraping in building an AI.

However, website owners are arguing that Google's permission to use their website data for building search engines is outrightly different from using the same data to build its AI agents. They argued that Google is by so doing, infringing on their data privacy and protection rights.

Some computer experts who argue in favor of Website owners stated that Google's use of website data to build search engines is a win-win program while its decision to scrape data from websites and use it to build AI agents is a threat that will stop people from going to the websites from where Google scraped the data. They argued that this poses a threat to the future of original content creators, the website owners. They often argue that since Google is using the scraped data to build AI agents that bring more income for them, it is illegal to access and use website data for free without the owner's consent.

If the California court rules in favor of the plaintiff, this may put an end to the versatility of AI agents and it may cost developers more resources to develop an AI agent.

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Written by Omooba Alekuwodo (omoobaalekuwodo)
Published 10/20/2023 2:54:30 PM

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