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Building up to the 2022 Governorship election in Òsun State, some allies and big-time beneficiaries of the Progressives government in Osun State turned against the party, All Progressives Congress (APC). Appellations and forecasts were subdued, all they catered for was "APC must go."

Unfortunately, the mantra and the song of "fire for fire" were heard from the mouths of those who might not be in the positions of holding the microphone except for the Progressives government in Osun State. Suddenly, the River insisted its source must be drained.

Coincidentally, APC lost the 2022 governorship elections in a technologically manipulated manner such that the electoral body, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) could not come forth before the election tribunal with a single and plain result for the 2022 Governorship election in Osun. However, for technical and alike reasons APC lost out at the legal battle, and Ademola Adeleke and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been left to enjoy the four years single term, till it lasts.

However, one of the former allies of the Progressives party in Osun who worked against the party and mobilized heavily for the PDP and Ademola Adeleke during the contest Engineer Raji Kehinde recently took to his social media platform to unveil his grievances against the administration of Ademola Adeleke in Odun State. The administration is just seven months old, and it will last four years, pending the result of the 2026 Guber poll in the state.

Engineer Raji Kehinde posted on his Facebook timeline:

(OSHOGBO 100%)

This Facebook post generated a lot of comments with a wide range of diversities in the submissions. However, to streamline the diversities, control damages, and possibly realign staggering relationships between Engr Kehinde and the "who is who" within the administration of Ademola Adeleke, an impromptu radio interview was organized featuring Engr. Kehinde on the popular, Oro Oselu (Political Matter), a political program on a local Rave FM Radio-vision station in Osun.

From the submissions tendered by Engr Kehinde while filling questions from the anchor of the program, Adedayo Oderinu, the following facts could be deduced with suggested digestion.

1. Governor Ademola Adeleke is not in Control of the State Government and the Business of Governance in Osun

The Governor of a state is the Chief Executive Officer of the state and he sits on everything that has to do with the business of governance. This may not be the same in Osun, where Engr Raji Kehinde stated that an administration of the former Governor of the State, Rauf Aregbesola owed him a huge amount of money, in contract sum, which was not paid by the administration of former Governor Adegboyega Oyetola.

According to Engr Kehinde, Governor Ademola Adeleke ordered the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Teslim Igbalaye to sort out the payment owed to him by Rauf Aregbesola, and the next thing the SSG told him after some persuasion was that his file is missing. That is the file documenting the money owed to him.

Mind me, Engr Kehinde never mentioned that the Governor took action against the SSG, the Permanent or Directors in charge of the custody of the file. This may imply that the Governor is not in control of who does what, and 2gat you ought not to do in the administration.

2. Teslim Igbalaye is an Imaginary Secretary to the State Government

Going by the mirrors of the submission made by Engr Kehinde on the radio interview, monitored by the Round Table, Teslim Igbalaye is a shadowed SSG in the state. It is either his mandates are being performed by others or he was not allowed to deploy executive tools with which he can discharge the duty of his office.

Engr Kehinde repeated it severally and even pleaded with Governor Ademola Adeleke to "please empower Teslim Igbalaye as SSG".

Engr Kehinde said something very interesting and touching, he said "Governor should please empower Teslim Igbalaye so that he can tear papers (spend money). People are complaining about Teslim Igbalaye. People said anytime he is coming out of his car, he would put his phone on his ear just to deceive the people that he was busy on calls, just because he doesn't have money to spend.

3. The Cabals are more Powerful than Governor Adeleke

Streamlining his submissions, one could deduce that there are Cabals that surround the administration of Ademola Adeleke and they are very powerful. Engr Kehinde, despite nursing grievances with the administration of Ademola Adeleke, continued to praise the Governor but insisted he is surrounded by some people that would only want their wishes through.

This may imply that Governor Ademola Adeleke has confided the real situation of how his administration is being run to Engr Kehinde or he has knowledge of the Executive Bouncers, who formed Cabals around the administration of Governor Adeleke.

4. Yeye Dupe Adeleke and Alhaji Akinleye are the Alpha and Omega in Adeleke's administration

Although Engr Kehinde did not specifically regard the blood sister of Governor Ademola Adeleke, Yeye Dupe a d the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Alhaji Azeez Akinleye as the Alpha and Omega in the administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke, the ways he handles their subjects pointed to the fact that for him to remain considerate in the cycle, he must accept their excesses and move on.

Engr Kehinde said before the 2022 election, if he called Yeye Dupe she wouldn't hesitate to be in communication but after the inauguration, he had called Yeye Dupe for one month with no reply. He also called Alhaji Akinleye for two weeks with no reply. However, going by his submission, Engr Kehinde never blamed anyone for their attitude towards him as he suggested Teslim Igbalaye was not empowered to act as SSG which might be responsible for his inability to act on the order by Governor Adeleke.

Unfortunately, Engr Kehinde kept using sugar-coated words to regard Yeye Dupe and Alhaji Akinleye. This could be enough to tell you these two personalities occupy the apex slots in the hierarchy of the personalities on the train of Governor Ademola Adeleke's administration.

5. APC Chieftain, Hon. Najeem Salam Collected Money from Adeleke's Family during the 2022 Guber Poll and Worked Against His Party

Even though he was still a member of the Head of a Federal Board under the administration of the APC at the national level, two-term former Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly, Hon Najeem Salam Collected Money from the Adeleke's family and worked against his party, APC during the election.

Engr Kehinde said on air while denying a claim that he was paid by Adeleke's family during the 2022 election, that the only time he was paid was when the family wanted to make a payment to the former speaker of Osun State, Najeem Salam, and his (Engr Kehinde's) account was used to perfect the transaction. He said immediately the money was credited, he called Najeem Salam and he completed the transaction on the order of the former speaker.

Although, Engr Raji Kehinde has gone back to Facebook to disconnect the name of Najeem Salam from the transaction, possibly a damage control for the political future of Najeem Salam who is being projected by Rauf Aregbesola as the APC Guber candidate in 2026.

Engr Raji Kehinde posted on his Facebook timeline "APOLOGIES.
It was not Honourable Nojeem Salam I referred to, it is another Nicknamed Speaker in Osogbo.

However, going by his submission, Engr Kehinde said "a former speaker in Osun State, Najeem Salam." Since the creation of Osun State in 1991 no two speakers of the Osun State House of Assembly bear Najeem Salam except the speaker from Ejigbo State Constituency.

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