After 15 Years, My Ex-girlfriend Returns with Claim I Had a Daughter with Her

member of this community speaks out and requests for your advice relating to his current ordeal with his ex-girlfriend who returns, after fifteen (15) years of their unfriendly departure.

He stated "I have an ex-girlfriend who came to me 15 years ago and informed me that she was pregnant for me. I was young and single then; she was also young and single during the time but she was living with a guardian who was her family member.

"She informed me then that we should keep the news about her pregnancy secret as her guardian would harm her if they knew about it.

"Then, it came to me that we could abort the pregnant to save her from being harassed by her guardian. I then proposed the idea of abortion to her but she rejected it.

"Since the day I told her about the abortion she usually ran away from me but I later found out that she got married to another person and then with the pregnant.

"We both live on as she stayed in her marriage and I later got married to another woman, years later.

"Just recently, 15 years after we departed and she got married to another man with a pregnant she first brought to me, she came to me and told me that I should come and have my daughter, 15 years old now.

"I am confused whether I should accept the lady or not as her mother is not more with the husband she married then, and I don't have information about the crash of their marriage.

"Merely looking at the lady, I have a conviction that she is my daughter but how do I suddenly become the father of a 15-year-old lady I was never responsible for caring for her pregnancy and childhood? The man her mother married took care of her from pregnancy to her present age, 15.

"Please, note that I did not pay the dowry of her mother as well were just dating then. Please, advise me.

"What can I do on this issue?

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Published 12/19/2023 6:22:43 AM

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