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The Genesis

There are so many failing relationships and dysfunctional marriages among Christians today. Couples pretend to show love and affection in public but lives in frustration and malice at home. Singles get in and out of relationships at will. Some are in bad relationships. Some look at the wrong things in relationships. While some find it difficult to have a relationship, some are too scared to get into it based on the negativities they see all around. Some indulge in sinful acts in their relationships. Sadly, many Christian marriages generated from Christian relationships now are not different from that of the world where there are divorces, separations, denial, anger and violence.


Beside genuine spiritual challenges, majority of relationship/marital issues are caused by wrong steps, unwise decisions, and lack of knowledge, wrong counsel, insincerity, bad attitude and blind spirituality. Knowing the power of prayer has made many Christians to ignore the power of thinking. They do not consider the mental aspect of Christianity recommended by God but leave everything to prayer and fasting only.

God said; Come let us reason together, He said; consider your ways. He also said: I know the thoughts I have towards you. So He expects us to reason ponder and think. A correct reasoning and thinking coupled with wise counseling will resolve a big chunk of these issues. This is where The Roundtable comes in.


The Roundtable is a forum whereby young people come together regularly to discuss common challenges and frustrations in relationships and young marriages. It is a platform where we reason out solutions to their relationship or marital issues. It is meant for anyone from any faith or religion. It is not for hypocrites or religious people. However, the Bible shall always be the bedrock for conclusions on all issues. There shall be regular hall meetings, contributions on social media, and presentations for radio and TV.

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