How Important Is Physical Attraction When Looking For A Spouse?
October 27, 2017

We have all agreed with one voice that marriage is not compulsory. God did not compel us to get married hence you have not sinned if you are not married. There is no “thou shall marry” in the ten commandments. The greatest commandment is …”thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy might, with all thy strength….and thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself”. So question is; Why are people(mostly matured ladies) so eager or desperate to get married? Simple. SOCIETY. MINDSET. CULTURE. TRADITION

Many people are more concerned about what the society expects from them than what God demands from them. Some people marry because of pressure from everywhere. They do not know that decisions taken under pressure usually have negative consequences…except by the grace of God. Marriage should not be a do or die affair. Some have died because they got married. Some are in psychiatric homes today because they got married. The society that puts you under pressure to get married will not be there for you when problems come. Marriage should come from a willing heart not from a desperate mind. Marriage should not be seen as a status symbol. Marriage is good only if you are happy in it.

I understand that some people especially women who would love to get married but are not because the right man never came. What such women should do is never to give up on God, but while waiting, let her take good care of herself and make the best use of her singleness by doing the things that give her happiness and joy
A man that does not add to you spiritually, mentally, socially etc in a relationship is not worthy to be your husband. If a man that will add such values to you has not shown up, don’t marry. If he never shows up, it’s better for you to remain unmarried

To the man, a lady that does not in prove your life, your outlook…that does not draw you nearer to God is not worthy to be a wife. If you have not found such a woman that will bring peace and happiness to your life. ..remain unmarried

Another angle…some people just don’t have what it takes to be in a marital relationship. Marriage just can’t work for them. Their character and behavioral makeup do not and cannot support the demands of a successful marital union. They can’t co-habit peacefully with anybody. They are short tempered. Little things irritate them. Small things annoy them. They are ready to fight you over anything. They get angry at the smallest provocation. They don’t care who is listening to their temper tantrums. They are cantankerous and are not ready to change no matter how much advice you give them. It will be difficult for such people to successfully stay in a happy marital relationship
So can one be happily unmarried? YES! In this case, it is a matter of your choice. If your plans, aspirations and purpose in life do not support the total commitment that marriage requires, and if your greater goal and greater happiness lies more in the achievement of your purpose in life which marriage commitment may hinder, then you can stay unmarried and be very happy. This is what Paul meant in his submission about marriage. He said if you can embrace abstinence, you can remain unmarried. The task ahead of him was big. The race was tough.  Marriage was not in the scheme of things for him
Anointing is not what makes a marriage succeed. We have today, prominent pastors with heavy anointing who have failed in marriage because their commitment to church and ministry absolutely outweighed their commitment to their marriages. Marriage requires commitment.

I pray God grants our hearts’ desire

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