What Are Valid Reasons For Breaking Up A Christian Relationship?

Is It Okay For A Born Again Christian To Marry Someone Who Is Not?
August 30, 2017
What Are Valid Reasons For Breaking Up A Christian Relationship?
September 1, 2017

There are people who don’t feel comfortable with their relationships at some point even when the partner has not done anything wrong to them. Some people have issues with their relationship but feel the issues are not enough to break up that relationship

So what are the reasons strong enough to break up a christian relationship?

Let’s have opinions


  1. Ibukun-oluwa says:

    I think a good enough reasons for not staying in a relationship could be it is not fruitful. For example my partner is not doing anything to harm me but I don’t see growth, the person doesn’t push me or encourage me to want to do better. I feel like anybody in your life should add vaue to it.

    Another reason is maybe the relationship is just boring.

    Another reason is the person is not the type that can grow with me maybe they are great now but they have traits that may make me think they are not the type that can adjust when I may change as time goes on due to career, aging, success, calling, etc

    • Soji Olayinka says:

      Thank you for your comment. But what if you are a self motivating person who doesn’t need your boyfriend to encourage you? Then what can make a relationship boring?

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