Should “AS” Genotype Pair Marry?

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August 10, 2017
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August 21, 2017

Jack and Jill love each other. They are both AS and want to get married.

My advice:

Jack, I know life is full of risks but however, never take a risk that may bring sadness to your life. Jill is not the only lady in the world that you can love or marry. You will always find another lady. It is better to have a temporary heart break now than a permanent heart ache tomorrow. And for you Jill, there are many guys out there you can love again. Suitors will always come. You are a pretty lady. Please leave this relationship and move on but next time always ask about genotype before falling in love

Both of you say there are people like yourselves who end up not having sickle cell kids. This is true but take this golden advise from me…
If you can’t swim, don’t enter a pool because you read that Peter walked on water. If you hear a man testify that he got a job he didn’t apply for and therefore you sit down at home just praying for the same testimony, you might be jobless for a long time. The fact that you see two AS people marry and did not bear any SS child should never be a reason for you to go ahead and marry Jill. Afterall, there are similar marriages too that have produced 4 SS children according to Bukola Ipinyomi’s post. So NEVER USE ANOTHER MAN’S FAITH TO DETERMINE YOUR FATE . Apply wisdom. Use your own faith. Bible says the just shall live BY HIS FAITH. 
Don’t get me wrong. Testimonies are good to encourage us and show the display of God’s power and it can multiply.  But you must have more details about the testimony… how the testifier has been living his life, what level of faith he has, how deep is his relationship with God etc before you can key into it.

It is bad enough to have a child with autism, asthma etc as Angel mentioned, but that is not your fault. But in this case, how will you cope with your conscience knowing that you and Jill caused the pain and agony of an SS child born because you were thinking of yourselves only?
How will your child feel knowing that you took a failed risk on him thus bringing him this pain and agony? Is your love worth the pain and sickness you bring upon a child?
Do you think you will remember love when the crisis begin?
How will you enjoy marital intimacy in your bedroom when in the next room your child lies there critically sick due to your own making? Think Jack

Have you ever seen a sickler in crisis? Perhaps that experience will let you see that your mutual love is not worth all the trouble afterall…except you want to adopt children rather than risk bearing them. But I’d rather you breakup the relationship now. Nevertheless if both of you beleive and have strong faith in God that you wont have SS children, you can go ahead and marry

For those who have sickle cell, I believe they also can find love. If you are AA and you find love in an SS, please you guys should go ahead and marry. God will give you the grace and the will to live it through.

And to everyone of us, let us set aside a time of prayer and supplication for all sickle cell anaemic patients for God’s intervention and healing. Peace in their health. He can and has turned SS to AA/AS several times. He can do it again. He is a miracle working God. 
The Lord bless us all

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