Is It Okay For A Born Again Christian To Marry Someone Who Is Not?

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July 13, 2017
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August 13, 2017

She is born again and loves church and God. She meets a guy who has all the good attributes she prays for in a husband. Good morals…good family(she has met them)…good job…he has built his own house in abuja at 34…he doesn’t womanize…he has sound morals…good upbringing…he is good looking…very nice and humane guy. He can go out of his way to be nice to you…he loves humanity and can give anything to make you happy…

But the problem for the lady is he is not born again.
He goes to church on Sundays only though and that’s all. He is homely and doesn’t socialise much. He is mostly at home either working, watching CNN, soccer or films.

He has been on this lady’s neck for marriage for almost a year now and the only reason she hasn’t accepted is because he is not born again.
The lady is 33.

What do you think she should do?
Is being born again very important in marriage even if all other parameters in an individual is satisfactory?

Please let’s reason this together.
Let’s advise the lady. Let’s be sincere and remember your opinion cannot be wrong even if some people don’t agree, it’s your opinion but please let’s have it and let’s learn 


  1. John says:

    I think the spirit should lead her to decide if truly she is born again.

    • Soji Olayinka says:

      Thanks. I have a young man who does all my SM handles for me. I can link you up with him if you want. Regards

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